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after testing with other paradox mons i found some particularly helpful tools

Great Tusk @ Leftovers
Ev's : 248 Atk, 8 Def, 252 Speed
Ability : Quark Drive
Tera type : Ice
Jolly Nature
- Close Combat
- Earthquake
- Rapid Spin
- Headlong rush

Great Tusk is here due to him good resistances he can also hold his own as an attacker and tera Ice to make sure he can get a few good attacks off, and can remain un-tera'd if a miraidon switches in being able to counter it with EQ being super effective and EQ being stab meaning miraidon can't use Edrift either, Solid choice for a speedy and a bulky physical attacker.

(Scrooge McGhost) Gholdengo @ Air balloon
Ev's : 252 SpA, 4 Def, 252 Speed
Ability : Good as Gold
Tera Type : Fairy
Modest Nature
- Make It rain
- Nasty Plot
- Recover
- Shadow Ball

Gholdengo is basically the golden child of Gen IX being able to resist all status effects due to his ability Good As Gold, Nasty plot to double, triple and maybe even max out his SpA allowing make it rain to OHKO a clodsire even at 2.5x SpA allowing a potential sweep but make it rain lowers his SpA by 1 stage every use, but i can use it against annoying electric switches to tank it if i already terastallized I. Treads, Gholdengo is also immune to both Rapid spin and Mortal spin stopping my opponent's from neutralising my entry hazards

DragoBuster (Koraidon) @ Life Orb
Ev's : 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 SpD
Ability : Orichalcum Pulse
Tera Type : Steel
Adamant Nature
- Flame Charge
- Collision Course
- Swords Dance
- Drain Punch

Koraidon is here due to Life Orb / SD to make his attacks insanely powerful including Drain punch healing him up to almost max health and allowing him to heal damage he might take when he uses SD and flame charge can help by raising his speed allowing him to move faster than most pokemon with items such as a choice scarf as well as the fact flame charge doing more damage with the harsh sunlight

Demonfish (Chi-yu) @ Choice Scarf
Ev's : 252 Speed, 252, 4 Def
Ability : Beads Of Ruin
Tera Type : Fire
Modest Nature
- Memento
- Dark Pulse
- Psychic
- Fire Blast

Chi-Yu is the strongest mon in terms of debuffing my enemies, Mainly I will have it use Memento so it kills him and allows a Koraidon setup but if I have a move I can use to do super effective damage I will take the chance and when I switch Chi-Yu back in then it's time for memento into Koraidon. Tera Type isn't important as he has a move that will KO him anyway, so I don't feel a need for one.

(No rapid spin for you!) Flutter Mane @ Choice specs
Evs : 252 SpA, 4 SpD, 252 Speed
Ability : Protosynthesis
Tera Type : Fairy
Timid Nature
- Thunderbolt
- Moonblast
- Psyshock
- Shadow Ball

Flutter mane is my strongest special attacker with Psyshock to deal with their Sp. Def walls via making them explode to psyshock with the added power from the specs, Shadow ball for the stab and added damage from nature and specs while providing coverage for opposing ghost types, Moonblast for popular dragon types for example, Roaring moon / Salamence who will both be slapped into next week by flutter mane and Tbolt in order to deal with flying and water types and for a hopeful paralysis and can be used as a last resort

(Raiden) Miraidon @ Choice Specs
Ev's : 252 SpA, 4 SpD, 252 Speed
Ability : Hadron engine
Tera Type : Fairy
Timid Nature
- Electro Drift
- Draco Meteor
- Dazzling Gleam
- U-turn

A Specs Mirai is my strongest special attacker as well as an electric terrain setter, Fairy tera for Iron bundles / Chien-Paos, Dazzling gleam for tera type STAB, DMeteor for Non-tera stab and ground type predictions, U-turn to predict any dangerous switches if I have already used up my tera, Electro drift for pure unrestricted BRUTALITY, electrocuting any pokemon hard enough to cause a local weather warning , this is also a special attack meaning that glimmora won't set up toxic spikes due to toxic debris

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Generally, Gen 9 AG teams tend to run a Hyper-Offense playstyle, which your Gengar, Meowscarada, and Miraidon sets seem to show. In my time playing Gen 9 AG, any Team using more than one hazard setter is wasting a team slot, and sometimes just having a hazard setter at all can be a waste. Spinners are welcome, but stacking Iron Treads and Glimmora isn’t very necessary. Gholdengo is also wrecked by  most AG threats such as Koraidon, Miraidon, Flutter Mane, AV Iron Treads, Great Tusk, etc. no one really uses Mortal Spin to get rid of hazards either, as it’s just limited to Glimmora, and a perfect spinblocker is Calm Mind Flutter Mane.
Understood, let me change that
Okay, i'm finished, also it's worth mentioning when i tried the unedited version of this team i went into 1400+ Ladder and won 2 battles in a row, call it luck or skill, i mean you decide
1400 is honestly nothing in AG Ladder.  In order to be a decent team, it needs at least high 1600's
Yeah, i see what u mean and this seems to work pretty well

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Simply put, a nice chunk of this team is outclassed by another Pokémon. For example, Meowscarada by Koraidon, Treads probably by Tusk, and more I'll outline.

  • Iron Treads: I am a strong proponent of AV Treads, but Great Tusk fits the synergy of the team a bit better. I also think that Gholdengo does a nice job as the resident Steel, so a Leftovers spinner set with Headlong Rush and Close Combat would do nicely.
  • Gholdengo: Pretty good set, but I would replace Dazzling Gleam (which is taken care of by the twin Dons) with Recover for a bit more longevity. Modest is fine too, but Timid is always an option.
  • Meowscarada: Nope, this thing is borderline trash in AG, outsped by a whole bunch of Pokémon. Use Koraidon instead as a better physical sweeper. I think a Flame Charge Swords Dance set would act as a great wincon, since a lot of this team seems to function on its own.
  • Iron Moth: Looks good on paper, gets wrecked by one competent physical move. Try Scarfed Chi-Yu, maybe even the Memento set to help Koraidon set up. Under Sun, a well-placed Overheat is magnificent.
  • Flutter Mane: Put the Speed EVs at 252 and Timid to at least speed tie without Sun with the Dons, Chien-Pao, opposing FM, etc. Maybe Tera Fairy as well. Other than that, all good.
  • Miraidon: All good.

Hope I helped!

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Okay, Also i had to change a few moves on some mons due to them not being allowed
What moves did you have to change? I can also provide a Poképaste for the team if you would like.
1) Dazzling gleam on Gholdengo Dazzling Gleam --> Recover
(FM covers fairy move anyway due to moonblast)

2) Iron Treads --> Great tusk
(Not the best, is too situational)

3) Iron Moth --> Koraidon
(Comment sums it up, "looks good on paper, dies to any physical move")
What do you mean “not allowed”, your team’s moves before I rated them were perfectly legal. Also, if you liked this answer, you can click the green checkmark in the corner to BA.