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I got some tips on teambuilding and want to see if this is good

Garganacl @ Leftovers
Evs : 244 HP, 252 Def, 8 SpD
Tera Type : Rock
Impish Nature
Ability: Purifying Salt
-Body Press
-Iron Defense
-Salt Cure

Garganacl is here as a chip damager with salt cure to deal with mons like clodsire and then i can switch into corviknight to resist both of clodsire's typings, being immune to both poison and ground, almost as if he was made for him as he can also boost his own defense as well as heal himself if hit with an earthquake

Ceruledge @ Focus Sash
Evs : 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 Hp
Tera Type : Fire
Adamant Nature
Ability: Weak Armor
-Bitter Blade
-Shadow Sneak
-Close Combat
-Swords Dance

Ceruledge is here for high speed high damage as well as bitter blade healing them for half of the damage dealt which means this may give a second chance to have his sash activate, the fire Tera-type is here for a STAB powered up Bitter Blade which can hit very hard and heal up Ceruledge, which can be good if a physical move activates weak armor while he swords dances

Corviknight @ Leftovers
Evs : 252 Hp, 252 Def, 4 Speed
Tera Type : Fighting
Ability: Mirror Armor
Impish Nature
-Body Press
-Iron Defense

Corviknight is my physical wall and can be used to stall for time while i set up for a body press sweep assuming there are no ghost types (e.g, flutter mane, houndstone) this can be an amazing support mon for removing hazards and reflecting stat lowering moves. I Gave it the tera-type fighting for a STAB body press and iron defense to increase the power while roost keeps it alive

Tyranitar @ Smooth Rock
Evs : 252 SpD, 252 Atk, 4 HP
Ability: Sand Stream
Adamant Nature
Tera Type : Ghost
-Iron Head
-Thunder Wave
-Stealth Rock

Tyranitar is here as my special wall and sandstorm setter as well as entry hazard setting along with thunder wave and substitute allowing him to soak up special hits as well as slowing the enemy down allowing houndstone to bag kills with last respects this is how to narrowly win some battle (Trust me, it's happened) Ghost tera-type for trading off its 4x weakness for an immunity to normal and fighting moves.

Houndstone @ Choice Scarf
Evs : 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 SpD
Tera Type : Normal
Jolly Nature
Ability: Sand Rush
-Last Respects
-Play Rough

Houndstone is here as a last resort revenge sweeper with a base power 250-300 base power last respects with a speed of 705 (Sand stream + Choice scarf for speed control) and give it the Normal tera-type for the immunity to an opposing last respects this can be helpful for countering an attempt to stop you sweeping which is why i chose houndstone.

Miraidon @ Choice Specs
Evs : 252 SpA, 252 Speed, 4 Def
Tera Type : Fairy
Modest Nature
Ability: Hadron Engine
-Electro Drift
-Draco Meteor
-Dazzling Gleam

Miraidon is here for switching out if i find any potential problematic mons for example popular ground types in the tier, Garchomp, Great tusk and Clodsire i could use U-turn to pivot into Corviknight to be immune to the likes of earthquake as well as using defog to clear hazards like toxic spikes, Fairy tera type to resist incoming fairy attacks and nullify dragon moves.

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Talos, i'm using Ttar to set up sandstorm for Houndstone and for corviknight who do you suppose i use, and ceru is for Ghost coverage and swords dance as well as a guaranteed survival from an attack to let me get up a swords dance boost
Flutter Mane exists with strong dual STABs (Fairy/Ghost) and CM plus Booster Energy
Fair point but who should flutter mane replace, i mean i could do with one less bulk mon but i need to keep corviknight and Garganacl and ttar for sandstorm
Ceruledge probably, it isn't the greatest AG pick
Point Taken, good sir

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