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oh ok
Nov 28 by mega mismagius
Damn bro I didn't know you logged in recently. I know you didn't know me well but seeing your username is still a throwback. How have you been?
Nov 27 by PX
Yeah it's really good, would highly recommend
Nov 27 by Maximum Length
I'd suggest starting with 'Salem's Lot. At a little over 400 pages it isn't a huge investment unlike say "It" or "The Stand". It's a fast paced read, there are no parts where it feels like the book drags. And it's just straight up great horror. It's in my top 10 King easily.

If you end up liking it, then would probably be a good time to move on to It, which is his best book. The only reason I don't suggest It to start is that it's over 1000 pages.

I'll probably do a Stephen King tierlist sometime, and I'll post that to my Wall.
Nov 10 by trachy
You too man -- good luck with everything once you get out of school.
Nov 7 by Fizz
Saw your post on trachy's wall, The Eyes of the Dragon is a great one to start with, another one is 11/22/63, about the assassination of JFK. Both are fantastic.
Nov 5 by Maximum Length
Nov 4 by Creative481
youve been active for 9 years and your still active?
thats great
Nov 4 by mega mismagius
Nov 3 by mega mismagius
OG user right here!
Nov 3 by Aaaaaaaaa