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Hey come back I’m kitkatKK2 I just wasn’t done teambuilding
4 hours ago by Sixer
‘sumwair’ lol
10 hours ago by FlyinSquirl
I’m good for 4 today.
11 hours ago by Sixer
ok so im apparently being picked up for dinner at 4. last-minute scheduling sure is FUN, isn't it.
im sorry.
1 day ago by Sixer
4PM when? I think I’ll be good for 4 tommorow, although looking at the time, it’s already passed today.
2 days ago by Sixer
yeah my alarm didn't go off, sorry. I'll try to get on tomorrow or Saturday.
3 days ago by Sixer
:( why
3 days ago by Assault Ποσειδώνας
4 days ago by Assault Ποσειδώνας
hmm nobody's ever referred to me like he/she/they/it lol

he is good :D
5 days ago by ~Polaris~
Ok I can probably do that!
Jun 13 by Sixer