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I go there and I hold B next to them then they accelerate faster. Why is that?


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Yup. And it's not just Route 9; all the moving Bikers in the game do this as well.
Firstly, to clear this up, this is not a glitch, in case anyone thought so. Game Freak actually intended to do this, but why, we don't know. They probably just did this to liven up the place or make it more interesting, or simply because that is how they wanted it.

Knowing bikers, they like to keep up to pace, so you running might inspire them to move faster. Interestingly, they are at walking speed when you use the Bicycle.

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I never said it was I glitch I actually thought that they wanted to run me over cause I beat them xD
I just wanted to state that Game Freak wanted it like this. But yeah, lol :P
Thanks again :^D
Glad to help! :P
Actually, Fizz, they move faster because if you try to run past Pokemon Trainers that turn around occasionally, they turn faster, thus making it harder to get past without a fight. The game was designed this way to prevent people from getting past trainers too easily.
So the bikers move faster so it's harder to get past by running.
Actually when you run you make more noise so if you run by a trainer that can turn if its not facing your direction they will automatically turn your way if you are close enough. Also all moving NPCs speed up when you hold down the B button(as i have experienced).