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The egg move Glare - I looked it up here and it says Seviper so I go get a pair a female Seviper and a male Druddigon and I got nothing but Seviper eggs. Then I realized it must be the female who lays the egg, so I get a female Druddigon and a male Seviper but when I leave them in the daycare the daycare man says they don't get along.

So I go into the wild again and get another different 2 and its the same thing. Can someone help me because for my Pokemon dream team I need a brave Druddigon that knows the move Glare. And for some reason the male Seviper wont breed with the female Druddigon so I can't get Druddigon eggs that way. Someone help?

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so I get a female Druddigon and a male Seviper but when I leave them in the daycare the daycare man says they don't get along.m

Precisely, just because it says they don't get along doesn't mean that they won't breed. The two will still breed, but the chances of getting an egg are fairly low. The only way way the Pokemon will not breed is when it says "The prefer to play with other Pokemon than eachother". So, breed a Male Seviper with Glare and a Female Druddigon and you should get an egg with what you want.

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thank you very much i didnt think they would breed at all thanks man now i can get back to making my pokemon dream team lol :P
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OK first off, please learn to write in sentences, that was the worst English I ever read. (I've edited it now for you.)

For breeding the only message you need to worry about is "they prefer to play with other Pokemon more than each other". If the breeding man says anything else like "they don't like each other" then the Pokemon are still compatible, it just takes a little longer for the egg to appear.

To breed a Druddigon with Glare, you need a female Druddigon and a male Seviper that knows Glare. Put those in daycare and you will get a baby Druddigon with Glare.

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