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Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal on this thread! Before submitting yours, please read the following guidelines and make adjustments where they fit.

  • Include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. You can include abilities, items, natures and the like, but they are not necessary.

  • Remember that players may be unable to access certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity. If you'd like to suggest a Pokemon like this, please mention alternative/s.

  • Consider the unspoken rules of in-game teams, such as to keep the starter on the team or avoid legendaries. You're welcome to suggest otherwise but, again, it's kind to include other options.

  • Provide explanation and detail. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and coverage for key battles.

  • Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. To keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as comments in this thread. If you simply want to update your post, use the 'edit' button.

It is helpful to note that these games were released prior to the Gen 4 physical-special split. Every Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Dark, Ice and Dragon move is Special, and all others are Physical in these games.

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Pokemon Crystal Team- Feraligatr, Arcanine, Electabuzz, Espeon, Dragonite, and Celebi


Ice Punch/Beam
Slash/Hydro Pump

Feraligatr is a solid starter just like Typhlosion. Surf is STAB and very useful in the field. Ice Punch or Ice Beam is great coverage and really good against Claire and Lance. Earthquake is another coverage move, this time taking advantage of Feraligatr’s great attack stat. Slash is good for crits or you can use Hydro Pump for power.


Iron Tail

Flamethrower is very useful STAB, and Dig and Iron Tail are great coverage options. Extremespeed is powerful priority. Arcanine is an amazing Pokemon.


Ice Punch
Fire Punch
Thunder Wave

In Pokemon Crystal, Electabuzz can be evolved from Elekid at level 30. Elekid can be hatched from the Odd Egg given by the Day Care Man outside of Goldenrod City. Thunderbolt is there for STAB. Ice Punch and Fire Punch give amazing versatility and coverage. Thunder Wave is there for utility.


Shadow Ball
Morning Sun

Espeon, funny enough, is a psychic type destroyer. Shadow Ball and Bite let it eat Psychic types for breakfast. Psychic is obvious STAB and hits ridiculously hard. Despite the nerf to Psychic's this gen, it still is a great move. Morning Sun is for some nice recovery.


Steel Wing

Time to make use of that new Steel typing introduced in this generation! Skarmory is a Steel/Flying type, really good type and one of the best Flying Pokemon in the game. Fly is STAB and gets you around, Steel Wing is also STAB, Return can hit hard with max friendship, and Toxic is a great move for a wall like Skarmory.


Giga Drain
Leech Seed

Not gonna lie, this game has a godawful leveling curve, so having 6 Pokemon on your team is doing you a disservice more than anything. So if you have the Virtual Console version of Pokemon Crystal, use Celebi, not really as a teammate, but as an extra spot/bragging right. If you don't, then I would suggest just keeping an HM slave as your last Pokemon.

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Electabuzz can only be obtained in the odd egg in crystal I beleive. You should add that
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Thunder Punch

So you're starter is gonna be Cyndaquill it helps early on with Bugsy and it as a Typhlosion works against Jasmine and Chucks Poliwrath with thunder punch, Pryce's Piloswine, Koga's bug types in the elite 4, Karen's Murkrow with Thunder Punch, Lance's team since they all have part flying, Lt. Surge with Earthquake, Erika, Blaine with Earthquake, Janine's Ariados and Venomoth, Blue's Pidgeot and Gyarados with Thunder Punch, his Exeggutor, his Arcanine with Earthquake, Red's Pikachu with Earthquake, his Venusaur, and his Charizard and Blastoise with thunder punch. For it's moveset, Flamethrower for STAB (Obtained in Game Corner for 5,500 Coins), An alternative for Flamethrower if you do not wanna grind at the game corner is Fire Punch which is at the goldenrod department store. Earthquake is in victory road and is for coverage. Strength for HM usage and a strong filler attack, you get it from a sailor in Olivine. And finally Thunder Punch for coverage and it is also obtained at the department store.


Rollout/Rock Slide

Geodude can be found earliest at route 46 right above route 29, The Geodude line does well against Falkner and Bugsy early on (If you level up your Geodude to know Rock Throw), Morty's Poison types, Jasmine, Pryce's Dewgong (But that's risky), Koga, Karen's Gengar (And Vileplume but that's risky), Lt. Surge, Lance's Team except be careful with Gyarados, Blue's Arcanine, Pidgeot, and Gyarados but also be careful, Red's Pikachu, and his Charizard. His moveset consists of Earthquake for STAB (Level 41), use Dig earlier on, Rock Slide if you breed Any of the Geodude line with Sudowoodo, or Rollout which is learned at level 34, Explosion to put huge dents in peoples teams, and then either Headbutt or Protect depending on if you want a filler attack spot or a move that can prevent you from taking damage, I recommend Protect though.


Drill Peck

Spearow can be found on route 29 at the earliest and its line does well against Bugsy, Chuck, Will's Exeggutor, Koga's bug types, Bruno's team except Onix, Karen's Vileplume, Erika, Janine's bug types, Blue's Exeggutor, and Red's Venusaur. So Fearow isn't the best member of our team but early on as a Spearow he still can deal with various trainers like bug catchers and lasses, his final moveset will have Drill Peck for STAB (Learned at level 40) Fly because it is an HM that we need and if you run out of PP for Drill Peck, Return for a filler attack you can replace it with Swift or Double Edge if you want but I prefer Return, and Agility to raise your speed.


Razor Leaf
Sludge Bomb
Sleep Powder

Bellsprout can be found very early on route 31, and the line does well against Chuck's Poliwrath, Pryce's Seel and Piloswine (But that's risky), Brock, Misty but her Lapras is risky, Erika with Sludge Bomb, Blue's Gyarados and Exeggutor, and Red's Blastoise. Now his moveset is Razor Leaf for STAB (Weepinbell learns it at level 27), and Sludge Bomb for STAB (Found in the area near the Lake of Rage), Sleep Powder to for making other Pokemon fall asleep. And then Growth to raise your Attack and Special Attack stats.


Feint Attack
Confuse Ray
Iron Tail

Umbreon can be obtained if you level up Eevee with high friendship at night, Eevee can be gotten from Goldenrod City. The only reason it is on the team is coverage for Psychic and Ghost Types but if you want you can use Gengar or Heracross for Psychic types. It will do well against Morty, Pryce's Piloswine with Iron Tail, Will's Team, Bruno's Onix with Iron Tail, Karen's Gengar, Brock's Rock/Ground types with Iron Tail, Misty's Starmie, Sabrina's Team, Blue's Exeggutor and Alakazam, Blue's Rhydon with Iron Tail, and Red's Espeon. His moveset will be Feint Attack for STAB (Learned at level 37), Confuse Ray to confuse other Pokemon (Learned at level 30), Iron Tail for coverage, and Swift (Found in Union Cave) because it always hits and is a filler spot (Also because I can't think of a final spot). Not the best moveset but again, he is only for Psychic and Ghost types.


Ice Beam
Confuse Ray

Lapras is found in Union Cave and is a very good bulky water/Ice type. Lapras does well against Jasmine's Steelix, Pryce's Piloswine, Will's Xatu, Koga's Crobat, Bruno's Onix, Karen's Vileplume, Lance's Team, Brock's Rock/Ground types, Erika's Team (But that's risky), Janine's Crobat, Blaine, Blue's Pidgeot, Rhydon, and his Exeggutor with Ice Beam but that's risky, then finally Red's Charizard and his Venusaur with Ice beam but again I wouldn't recommend it. Surf is for STAB and for HM Usage (Found in the Ecruteak City Dance Theater), Ice Beam is also for STAB and is learned at level 36. Rest is to recover health and is found in the Ice Path, and finally Confuse Ray which is learned at level 22.

You can use this team in Gold, Silver or Crystal because their is no version exclusives! :)

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  1. Surf [Water]
  2. Ice Punch [Ice]
  3. Blizzard [Ice]
  4. Hydropump [Water]



  1. Dragonbreath [Dragon]
  2. Hyperbeam [Normal]
  3. Hydropump [Water]
  4. Surf [Water]



  1. Psychic [Psychic]
  2. Toxic [Poison]
  3. Giga Drain [Grass]
  4. Leech Seed [Grass]



  1. Zap Cannon [Electric]
  2. Tri Attack [Normal]
  3. Thunderbolt [Electric]
  4. Lock-On [Normal]



  1. Outrage [Dragon]
  2. Surf [Water]
  3. Thunder [Electric]
  4. Blizzard [Ice]



  1. Crunch [Dark]
  2. Rockslide [Rock]
  3. Thunderbolt [Electric]
  4. Earthquake [Ground]
The move sets are really bad.
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Typhlosion @ Charcoal
- Flamethrower
- Thunder Punch
- Iron Tail
- Sunny Day

{From Odd Egg In Goldenrod-City}
Jynx @ Never-Melt-Ice
-Lovely Kiss
-Mean Look
(Note: If you want a easy time getting the beast use this Pokemon, use mean look and lovely kiss and start spamming ultra balls)

(Gold and Silver users only)
{Route 32, 42, and 43}
Ampharos @ Magnet
-Light Screen
-Fire Punch
-Thunder Punch

(Crystal users)
{Ilex Forest, Night only}
Vileplume @ Miracle Seed
-Petal Dance
-Sludge Bomb
-Sleep Powder
-Moonlight/Stun Spore
( Wait till level 44 to evolve gloom, don't use bellosom it's slow..)

{From Bill}
Umbreon @ Leftovers
- Feint Attack
- Shadow Ball
- Return
- Detect
{East Of Morty's Gym Morning Only}
Tauros (M)
- Thrash
- Rock Smash
- Strength
- Earthquake

{Dragon's Den}
Dragonite @ Dragon Fang
- Outrage
- Fly
- Fire Punch
- Surf

Hope you enjoy this GSC team. <3

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Here's one of my favorite teams for Crystal:

  1. Typhlosion

    Flamethrower (STAB)
    Thunderpunch (coverage, especially against Water)
    Smokescreen/Double Team (just in case)
    Iron Tail (coverage, mostly for Rock)

    This move set complements Typhlosion's high Speed and Special attack, making it a good sweeper. Typhlosion will be excellent against Bugsy, Jasmine and Koga. I actually think Arcanine is better, but getting a Fire Stone is very difficult in Crystal.

  2. Umbreon

    Faint Attack (STAB, plus it never misses)
    Toxic (always great with a tank like Umbreon)
    Attract (especially if your Umbreon is female, since many boss battles have male Pokemon)
    Moonlight (so Umbreon can outlast almost anything that's not Bug or Fighting)

    This move set is very defensive, complementing Umbreon's strongest stats (DEF, SP DEF, HP). Shadow Ball or Psychic are options if you prefer more offense, though you won't get STAB. Umbreon is only super useful against Morty, Will, and Red's Espeon, but with it's defense it can help in almost any battle.

  3. Lapras

    Ice Beam (STAB, great for Lance)
    Surf (STAB and HM)
    Body Slam (powerful physical move with chance of paralysis)
    Perish Song (just in case)

    Lapras has balanced stats, so you could have many move sets. Confuse Ray, Psychic, Sing, and Dragonbreath are all options too. I almost never use Blizzard since it's only 70% accurate, while Ice Beam is 100%. Lapras is the MVP against Claire and Lance, who are some of the toughest trainers in the game.

  4. Pidgeot

    Fly (STAB and HM)
    Steel Wing (coverage, mostly for Rock)
    Mud-Slap (basically the same as Sand-Attack, but it also hurts the opponent too)
    Mirror Move (just in case)

    Pidgeot is fairly balanced. Wing Attack, Swift, or Double Team are also good choices. Pidgeot won't shine in any particular battle, but with it's versatile stats and move set, it can usually contribute to a victory.

  5. Magneton

    Thunder/Zap Cannon (STAB)
    Thunder Wave (great defensive move)
    Swift/Tri Attack
    Screech (only makes sense when paired with Swift/Tri Attack)

    Ampharos has better stats, but Magneton is great being part Steel. Avoid Ground types, and you have a reliable Pokemon with strong Defense and Special Attack. Supersonic and Lock-On are other options for moves too. Magneton will do well against most trainers, since it resists many types. Just watch out for Earthquake.

  6. Machamp

    Cross Chop (STAB)
    Earthquake (coverage)
    Strength (HM)
    Curse (Machamp is already slow, so bulking Attack and Defense can really make Machamp overpowered)

    This move set complements Machamp's staggering Attack stat. It's slow, but it hits hard with Cross Chop and Earthquake. If you want more type coverage, Fire/Ice/Thunder Punch are also options, though Machamp's Special Attack is not very impressive. Machamp will do well against Whitney, Jasmine, Pryce, and Karen's Umbreon and Houndoom. Also, Machamp can handle Red's Snorlax, a Pokemon that can be hard to bring down.

Overall, this team has a good balance of offense and defense. The whole team can be assembled long before the Elite Four, making it easier to deal with tough trainers like Claire and Lance. One more thought: if you don't like this particular team, Skarmory could replace Pidgeot, Ampharos could replace Magneton, and Alakazam could replace Machamp. There's lots of options. Rhydon, Tentacruel, and Tauros/Miltank are also good options.

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A lot of research went into this one, Feraligatr is your starter, although it is interchangeable.

Starter, of course.

Surf-STAB & HM
Ice Punch-Coverage

Great Starter and I'm happy not to use Meganium and Typhlosion which are my go-to choices. Problem with Gen 2 is that this beast doesn't get to fully utilize its high physical attack but oh well, that's why all moves except EQ are special.

Receive Eevee from Bill in Goldenrod City.

Rain Dance

Gen 2's move pool for most mons isn't the best so we still use thundershock for that high accuracy against less important battles. Bite is special so works well with jolteon and rain dance is for 100% accuracy Thunder which sweeps entire teams.

Ninetales (or Arcanine)
Route 7, 8, 36, 37; use Fire Stone.

Fire Blast-STAB
Feint Attack-Coverage
Sunny Day

High Special Attack which serves these moves which btw are literally the only special moves available for it in Gen 2. Crazy. Fire type moves are an obvious must, Feint Attack is Special so it helps deal with pesky Ghost types early on. Sunny Day powers up its fire type moves and helps pull of many 1 turn Solar Beams with another Pokemon on the team.

Route 26, 27, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, Azalea Town, Ilex Forest, Lake of Rage; use Leaf Stone.

Solar Beam-STAB
Giga Drain-STAB & HP

Once again incredible Special Attack. Takes care of a lot of things and its Psychic typing gives it an edge over all other grass types in the game, arguably only equal only to Celebi. Before Psychic use Confusion, Solar Beam is 120 power, 100 accuracy, has STAB, and only requires one turn with the help of Ninetales, need I say more? Giga Drain is of course good for smaller targets and for clutch situations when you need to KO but also want health, an extremely useful move. Thief is once again due to Phys/Spec split favoring special attackers.

Mainly Route 3, 4, 32, 33, and Dark Cave; get Haircuts for High Friendship.

Steel Wing-Coverage
Toxic/Giga Drain

You always want a flyer in all games before Generation 7. Crobat is a great mon which spends most of the time on the backline but is still very useful and normally better than Skarmory or Fearow. Fly and Steel Wing are your main attacking moves. Swift has 100% accuracy so its good early and late game to take care of low hp targets or pesky double team/minimize users. Toxic or Giga Drain the choice is yours, I would go for toxic so you can get Giga Drain on Exeggutor faster.

National Park; get Metal Coat from Magnemite.

Fury Cutter-STAB
Metal Claw-STAB
Strength/Hyper Beam
Swords Dance/Cut

I know I'm going to get flak for including a Trade Evolution but aside from Umbreon, Scizor is the only one who can put psychic types in their place. Umbreon is also significantly weaker, harder to get and we already have Jolteon (which is universal unlike Ampharos). Fury Cutter powers up the more you use it, cutting through Erika for example. Metal Claw does have 95 accuracy but it's about as good as it gets for Steel Type moves, and better than what Steelix gets. Strength and Cut are for those who enjoy not having HM slaves but are not as useful as Hyper Beam and Swords Dance which can obliterate teams. Hyper Beam is physical in Gen 1 and 2 so we will be abusing that on Scizor, who has 130 physical attack; an underrated Pokemon who is very useful in these games.

You still need an HM slave but this team is overall very solid, and should do you good in GSC. If you really enjoy the team you can also use it in HGSS but use different moves because Gen 4 has waaaay better move pools for all of these Pokemon. Anyways, hope you enjoyed ;) this took me longer than expected...

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1.dynamic punch
3.thunder punch
4.iron tail

3.dream eater
4.dynamic punch

1.dragon breath
4.extreme speed

1.dynamic punch
2.hydro pump

1.mega horn
4.fury cutter

typholison is just beast mode with this move set with plenty of coverage

Gengar is nasty with dreameater for the fighting types and have gengar hold blackbelt to boost dynamic punch to OHKO dark types and shadow ball to OHKO psychic type

Dragonite is a my sweeper can go up againt any type with its high attack stat. Dragon breath to paralyses foe, outrage for high attack physical damage STAB, agility for now until I get the fire blast tm for his ice weakness, and extreme speed for coverage

Poliwrath is my water type With good attack and special attack stats , dynamic punch is stab move so as hydro pump. Hypnosis to slow down foe and have poliwrath hold soft sand to boost earthquake to knock out electric types

For the 6th Pokemon ill have a HM SLAVE mine is politoed

I’m not sure how 3 of your Pokémon have Dynamic Punch, given that it’s only possible to acquire 1 per game. You also have a team with both Poliwrath and Politoed , which as well as being arguably inefficient, requires a trade ‘just’ to secure a HM slave , when a Poliwag can accomplish the same goal.

I’ve only just joined so I cannot vote yet, but I’m going to assume that the above reasons are why the comment got a downvote.
nah I just downvoted it because the team lacked in terms of movesets and chosen pokemon.
Ah ok. Well, let's see how my team is received I guess...
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. Surf
. Ice punch
. Dynamic punch
. Waterfall
. Cross poison
. Acrobatics
. Venoshock
. Fly
. Fire blast
. Flamethrower
. Crunch
. Sunnyday
. Whirlpool
. Hydropump
. Ice beam
. Dragon breath
. Return
. Earthquake
. Slash
. Thunderpunch
. Iron tail
. Crunch
. Rock slide
. Strength

Dynamic punch is innacurate, three of crobats moves don't exist, houndoom has no coverage, seadra is outclassed by feraligator, ursaring and steelix have special moves.
Yeah, I suggest you look at their Gen 2 movesets. Thunder Punch and Crunch are special in Gen 2, meaning they suck on Ursaring and Steelix.
this is gsc not rse so gen 2
Oh oooooops