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  • Please include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with a specified set of moves. Items are helpful but not a necessity.

  • Be mindful that players may not be able to get certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity or a trade evolution. If you'd like to suggest one of these, be sure to mention alternative/s.

  • Please also be considerate that many players have particular rule-sets for teams, such as to disallow overpowered legendary Pokemon or keep the starter on the team. You're welcome to suggest otherwise, but again it is kind to mention other options.

  • Please provide ample explanation.

It is helpful to note that these games were released prior to the Gen 4 physical-special split. Every Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Dark, Ice and Dragon move is Special, and all others are Physical in these games.

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  1. Surf [Water]
  2. Ice Punch [Ice]
  3. Blizzard [Ice]
  4. Hydropump [Water]



  1. Dragonbreath [Dragon]
  2. Hyperbeam [Normal]
  3. Hydropump [Water]
  4. Surf [Water]



  1. Psychic [Psychic]
  2. Toxic [Poison]
  3. Giga Drain [Grass]
  4. Leech Seed [Grass]



  1. Zap Cannon [Electric]
  2. Tri Attack [Normal]
  3. Thunderbolt [Electric]
  4. Lock-On [Normal]



  1. Outrage [Dragon]
  2. Surf [Water]
  3. Thunder [Electric]
  4. Blizzard [Ice]



  1. Crunch [Dark]
  2. Rockslide [Rock]
  3. Thunderbolt [Electric]
  4. Earthquake [Ground]
The move sets are really bad.
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Typhlosion @ Charcoal
- Flamethrower
- Thunder Punch
- Iron Tail
- Sunny Day

{From Odd Egg In Goldenrod-City}
Jynx @ Never-Melt-Ice
-Lovely Kiss
-Mean Look
(Note: If you want a easy time getting the beast use this Pokemon, use mean look and lovely kiss and start spamming ultra balls)

(Gold and Silver users only)
{Route 32, 42, and 43}
Ampharos @ Magnet
-Light Screen
-Fire Punch
-Thunder Punch

(Crystal users)
{Ilex Forest, Night only}
Vileplume @ Miracle Seed
-Petal Dance
-Sludge Bomb
-Sleep Powder
-Moonlight/Stun Spore
( Wait till level 44 to evolve gloom, don't use bellosom it's slow..)

{From Bill}
Umbreon @ Leftovers
- Feint Attack
- Shadow Ball
- Return
- Detect
{East Of Morty's Gym Morning Only}
Tauros (M)
- Thrash
- Rock Smash
- Strength
- Earthquake

{Dragon's Den}
Dragonite @ Dragon Fang
- Outrage
- Fly
- Fire Punch
- Surf

Hope you enjoy this GSC team. <3

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My Best Team for Gold, Silver and Crystal

Pokemon 1: Feraligatr

Type: Water, Location: Starter (as Totodile)
- Surf (HM03, Ecruteak City, Kimono Dance Theater, Defeat all Kimono Girls)
- Ice Punch (TM33, Goldenrod Department Store, 3000 pokedollars)
- Bite (Level 21)
- Rock Smash (TM08, Route 36)

- Morty's Team (Bite)
- Jasmine's Team (Water STAB and Rock Smash)
- Pryce's Team (Water STAB and Rock Smash)
- Claire's Dragonair(s) (Ice Punch)
- Lt Surge's Magneton (Rock Smash)
- Erica's Team (Ice Punch)
- Janine's Crobat (Ice Punch)
- Sabrina's Team (Bite)
- Brock's Rhyhorn, Graveler and Onix (Water STAB)
- Blaine's Team (Water STAB)
- Blue's Team sans Gyrados (Water STAB, Ice Punch and Bite)
Team Rocket:
- Petrel's Zubat (Ice Punch) and Raticate (Rock Smash)
- Proton's Golbat (Ice Punch)
- Ariana's Gloom and Murkrow (Ice Punch)
- Archer's Houndour Line (Water STAB)
Pokemon League:
- Will's Team (Bite and Ice Punch)
- Bruno's Onix (Water STAB)
- Koga's Crobat (Ice Punch)
- Karen's Team sans Gengar (Water STAB, Ice Punch and Rock Smash)
- Lance's Team sans Gyrados (Water STAB and Ice Punch)
- Silver's Team sans Haunter (Ice Punch, Bite and Rock Smash)
- Red's Espeon (Bite), Snorlax (Rock Smash), Venusaur (Ice Punch) and Charizard (Water STAB)

Pokemon 2: Fearow

Type: Normal/ Flying, Location: Route 33 (as Spearow)
- Return (TM27, Goldenrod Department Store, have a Pokemon with high Friendship in your Party)
- Drill Peck (Level 40)
- Fly (HM02, Olivine City, from Chuck's Wife after beating him)
- Steel Wing (TM47, Rock Tunnel)/ Pursuit (Level 26)

Gym Leaders
- Bugsy's Team (Flying STAB)
- Morty's Team (Pursuit)
- Chuck's Team (Flying STAB)
- Erica's Team (Flying STAB)
- Janine's Ariados and Venomoth (Flying STAB)
- Sabrina (Pursuit)
Team Rocket
- Ariana's Vileplume (Flying STAB)
Pokemon League
- Will's Team (Pursuit)
- Koga's Ariados and Venomoth (Flying STAB)
- Bruno's Team sans Onix (Flying STAB)
- Karen's Vileplume (Flying STAB) and Gengar (Pursuit)
- Silver's Sneasel (Steel Wing), Gengar, Alakazam (Pursuit) and Meganium (Flying STAB)
- Red's Venusaur (Flying STAB)

Pokemon 3: Graveler/ Golem

Type: Rock/ Ground, Location: Dark Cave (as Geodude)
- Rock Throw (Level 11)
- Earthquake (Level 41)
- Rock Smash (TM08, Goldenrod Department Store, 1000 pokedollars
- Curse (TM03, Celadon Mansion, Night)

- Falkner's Team (Rock STAB)
- Bugsy's Team (Rock STAB)
- Morty's Team (Ground STAB)
- Jasmine's Team (Ground STAB)
- Pryce's Team (Rock STAB)
- Brock's Team (Ground STAB)
- Lt Surge's Team (Ground STAB)
- Janine's Team (Rock and Ground STAB)
- Blaine's Team (Ground STAB)
- Blue's Pidgeot, Gyrados (Rock STAB), Rhydon and Arcanine (Ground STAB)
Team Rocket:
- Petrel's Team (Rock STAB, Ground STAB and Rock Smash)
- Proton's Golbat (Rock STAB)
- Ariana's Team (Rock and Ground STAB)
- Archer's Team (Rock and Ground STAB)
Pokemon League:
- Will's Xatu(s) and Jynx (Rock STAB)
- Koga's Team (Rock and Ground STAB)
- Karen's Team sans Vileplume (Rock STAB, Ground STAB and Rock Smash)
- Lance's Team (Rock STAB)
- Silver's Sneasel (Rock Smash), Magneton, Gengar (Ground STAB) and Crobat (Rock STAB)
- Red's Pikachu (Ground STAB), Snorlax (Rock Smash) and Charizard (Rock STAB)

Pokemon 4: Magmar

Type: Fire, Location: Burnt Tower (Gold and Silver), Route 34, Odd Egg (as Magby) (Crystal)
- Flamethrower (Level 41)
- Thunder Punch (TM41, Goldenrod Department Store, 3000 pokedollars)
- Iron Tail (TM23, Prize for defeating Jasmine)
- Sunny Day (Level 33)

Gym Leaders:
- Chuck's Poliwrath (Thunder Punch)
- Jasmine's Team (Fire STAB)
- Pryce's Team (Fire STAB and Thunder Punch)
- Brock's Team (Iron Tail and Thunder Punch)
- Misty's Team sans Quagsire (Thunder Punch)
- Lt Surge's Magneton (Fire STAB)
- Erica's Team (Fire STAB)
- Janine's Crobat (Thunder Punch), Ariados and Venomoth (Fire STAB)
- Blue's Pidgeot, Gyarados (Thunder Punch) and Exeggutor (Fire STAB)
Team Rocket:
- Petrel's Zubat
- Proton's Golbat
- Ariana's Vileplume (Fire STAB) and Murkrow (Thunder Punch)
Pokemon League:
- Will's Team (Fire ST) AB and Thunder Punch)
- Koga's Team sans Muk (Fire STAB and Thunder Punch)
- Bruno's Onix
- Karen's Vileplume (Fire STAB) and Murkrow (Thunder Punch)
- Lance's Gyarados, Aerodactyl and Charizard (Thunder Punch)
- Silver's Sneasel, Magneton, Meganium (Fire STAB) and Crobat (Thunder Punch)
- Red's Venusaur (Fire STAB), Charizard and Blastoise (Thunder Punch)

Pokemon 5: Miltank

Type Normal, Location: Route 38 (Only available during the day in Crystal)
- Strength (HM04, Olivine Cafe)
- Earthquake (TM26, Victory Road)
- Shadow Ball (TM30, Prize for defeating Morty)
- Rollout (TM04, Route 35)

Gym Leaders:
- Pryce's Dewgong (Rollout)
- Brock's Team (Earthquake)
- Misty's Lapras (Rollout) and Starmie (Shadow Ball)
- Lt Surge's Team (Earthquake)
- Janine's Team (Earthquake and Rollout)
- Sabrina (Shadow Ball)
- Blaine (Earthquake)
- Blue's Exeggutor (Shadow Ball), Rhydon and Arcanine (Earthquake)
Team Rocket
- Petrel's Zubat (Rollout)
- Proton's Golbat (Rollout)
- Ariana's Murkrow (Rollout)
- Archer's Houndour Line (Rollout)
Pokemon League:
- Will's Team (Shadow Ball)
- Koga's Team (Earthquake and Rollout)
- Karen's Murkrow (Rollout), Gengar and Houndoom (Earthquake)
- Lance's Team (Rollout)
- Silver's Team sans Meganium (Earthquake, Shadow Ball and Rollout)
- Red's Pikachu (Earthquake), Espeon (Shadow Ball) and Charizard (Rollout)

Pokemon 6: Jynx

Type: Ice/ Psychic, Location: Ice Path
- Ice Punch (TM33, Goldenrod Department Store, 3000 pokedollars)
- Psychic (TM29, Saffron City)
- Thief (TM46, Rocket Hideout
- Lovely Kiss (Level 9)

Gym Leaders
- Clair's Dragonair(s) (Ice STAB)
- Brock's Graveler, Rhyhorn and Onix (Ice STAB)
- Erica's Team (Ice STAB)
- Janine's Team (Psychic)
- Sabrina's Team (Thief)
- Blue's Pidgeot, Rhydon and Exeggutor (Ice STAB)
Team Rocket:
(Obtained to late to use against them)
Pokemon League:
- Will's Team (Thief and Ice STAB)
- Koga's Crobat (Ice STAB)
- Bruno's Onix (Ice STAB)
- Karen's Vileplume and Murkrow (Ice STAB)
- Lance's Aerodactyl and Dragonite(s) (Ice STAB)
- Silver's Crobat, Gengar (Psychic), Alakazam (Thief) and Meganium (Ice STAB)
- Red's Espeon (Thief) and Venusaur (Psychic)

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Here's one of my favorite teams for Crystal:

  1. Typhlosion

    Flamethrower (STAB)
    Thunderpunch (coverage, especially against Water)
    Smokescreen/Double Team (just in case)
    Iron Tail (coverage, mostly for Rock)

    This move set complements Typhlosion's high Speed and Special attack, making it a good sweeper. Typhlosion will be excellent against Bugsy, Jasmine and Koga. I actually think Arcanine is better, but getting a Fire Stone is very difficult in Crystal.

  2. Umbreon

    Faint Attack (STAB, plus it never misses)
    Toxic (always great with a tank like Umbreon)
    Attract (especially if your Umbreon is female, since many boss battles have male Pokemon)
    Moonlight (so Umbreon can outlast almost anything that's not Bug or Fighting)

    This move set is very defensive, complementing Umbreon's strongest stats (DEF, SP DEF, HP). Shadow Ball or Psychic are options if you prefer more offense, though you won't get STAB. Umbreon is only super useful against Morty, Will, and Red's Espeon, but with it's defense it can help in almost any battle.

  3. Lapras

    Ice Beam (STAB, great for Lance)
    Surf (STAB and HM)
    Body Slam (powerful physical move with chance of paralysis)
    Perish Song (just in case)

    Lapras has balanced stats, so you could have many move sets. Confuse Ray, Psychic, Sing, and Dragonbreath are all options too. I almost never use Blizzard since it's only 70% accurate, while Ice Beam is 100%. Lapras is the MVP against Claire and Lance, who are some of the toughest trainers in the game.

  4. Pidgeot

    Fly (STAB and HM)
    Steel Wing (coverage, mostly for Rock)
    Mud-Slap (basically the same as Sand-Attack, but it also hurts the opponent too)
    Mirror Move (just in case)

    Pidgeot is fairly balanced. Wing Attack, Swift, or Double Team are also good choices. Pidgeot won't shine in any particular battle, but with it's versatile stats and move set, it can usually contribute to a victory.

  5. Magneton

    Thunder/Zap Cannon (STAB)
    Thunder Wave (great defensive move)
    Swift/Tri Attack
    Screech (only makes sense when paired with Swift/Tri Attack)

    Ampharos has better stats, but Magneton is great being part Steel. Avoid Ground types, and you have a reliable Pokemon with strong Defense and Special Attack. Supersonic and Lock-On are other options for moves too. Magneton will do well against most trainers, since it resists many types. Just watch out for Earthquake.

  6. Machamp

    Cross Chop (STAB)
    Earthquake (coverage)
    Strength (HM)
    Curse (Machamp is already slow, so bulking Attack and Defense can really make Machamp overpowered)

    This move set complements Machamp's staggering Attack stat. It's slow, but it hits hard with Cross Chop and Earthquake. If you want more type coverage, Fire/Ice/Thunder Punch are also options, though Machamp's Special Attack is not very impressive. Machamp will do well against Whitney, Jasmine, Pryce, and Karen's Umbreon and Houndoom. Also, Machamp can handle Red's Snorlax, a Pokemon that can be hard to bring down.

Overall, this team has a good balance of offense and defense. The whole team can be assembled long before the Elite Four, making it easier to deal with tough trainers like Claire and Lance. One more thought: if you don't like this particular team, Skarmory could replace Pidgeot, Ampharos could replace Magneton, and Alakazam could replace Machamp. There's lots of options. Rhydon, Tentacruel, and Tauros/Miltank are also good options.