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how does a kangaskhan borns, if there's only females?

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When you breed two Pokemon, the female is the Pokemon whose "genes"(Species in this case) are inherited.Therefore, by putting any male Pokemon that can mate with a Kangashkhan, you can have a Kangashkhan egg.

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oh, i got it. kinda weird, but that's ok. thanks!
I put an Onix and eevee and got geodude? My bro wanted a legendary Pokemon so he put Latios and rayquaza and got tentacool.
^ Neither Latios or Rayquaza can even breed, and if they could they wouldnt give birth to a Tentacool. Now please stop clogging the pokebase by commenting on old/resolved questions.
What a messed up game that is
@SentByRavens My brother is a liar then.... O_O Plus I posted that a while ago but now I know but thanks anyway! :D