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Why does it even have it?
Is there a reason?

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this question needs to be re-asked, now that electric types can't be paralysed. This ability is even less useful. Did Nintendo miss this one, or intentionally double up on para immunity?

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First of all, Stunfisk has other abilities, and it's not the most useless Pokemon in the world, as I succesfully used him as a Special Wall in NU. And GameFreak has trolled us many times, like with Final Gambit Shedinja. It was another attempt to troll players.

There is no way that it's helpful to Stunfisk, really.

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Actually Ground Pokemon can still be paralyzed through Static, also what if a move is used to change his type, i.e. Soak?
And through Body Slam (ye olde classic paralyzer of bygone Gen Is)
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Moves like Body slam And force palm can cause paralysis so Stun fisk will be granted immunity from them. If stunfisk were also to use a physical attack on a Pokemon with static, It would not be paralysed.

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No, it is not useful at all. Stunfisk is a ground/electric type Pokemon and electric types cannot be paralyzed under any circumstances (Body slam also follows this rule).

This is true today, but wasn’t in 2012 when this question was posted.