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I have a shiny Celebi that I want in my w2


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First of all you need two DS's. So on the DS with W2 go to route 15 and go in the only building in the center of the north side. Talk to the guy in there. On the other one put you platinum game in and go to DS download and then a minigame will start oon your platinum DS where you fling pokeballs at the Pokemon being transferred and they will go to your pc in W2.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Poke_Transfer

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You need 2 DS' to use the Transfer Lab, firstly. Here's how to do it in steps:

  1. Go to the PokeTransfer Lab on Route 15 on W2.
  2. Have Platinum inserted in your second DS and select DS Download play.
  3. On W2, talk to the guy in the lab coat and begin to look for a game.
  4. On your second DS, on Download Play, select your W2.
  5. Choose the Pokemon you want to transfer on your second DS. Remember you cannot:
    - Transfer Pokemon that know Hidden Moves.
    - Transfer Held items.
    - Transfer Pokemon in your party; only Pokemon in your PC.
    - Transfer the Spiky-Eared Pichu.
    - Transfer Eggs.

  6. On W2, play the minigame to capture them all in the given time limit. Do so successfully and the six transferred Pokemon will be in the PC.

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You need two DS systems and both games. The Pokè Transfer Lab is on Route 15. If you beat the E4 and the champ the first time it is accessable. If you haven't gotten that far then you can't transfer your Celebi. If you have then the man will tell you how to set things up.