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So I bought platinum maybe a year or two ago an I literally couldn’t find a single shiny in the game so I restarted The game so I could try to shiny hunt in eterna forest and I still have no luck is my game just like defective or some thing lol

The RNG in Gen 4 is quite flawed, so you can abuse it to get Pokemon with desirable traits. Some resources that might be useful for that:

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Your game isn't defective. It's just really hard to get a shiny in Platinum, especially seeing as the Shiny Charm doesn't exist in that game.

It's easier to shiny hunt with the PokeRadar. Encountering the same Pokemon in a row increases the chances of getting a shiny. The chances will still be low, but better than full odds.

For static encounters, save, then initiate battle. If it's shiny, well done. If not, turn off the game to go back to before. Keep doing this until you get a shiny.

For hatching shinies, use the Masuda Method. You take two Pokemon of games with different languages and breed them together. This drastically raises the chances for getting a shiny, as instead of the usual 1/8192 chance, there's a 1/2048 chance. Hope I helped!

Hope I helped!


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Platinum has the Masuda method but no shiny charm.
They don't need to be 2 foreign Pokemon. They just need to be 2 Pokemon from games of different languages. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Masuda_method
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Well, with full odds, the shiny chance in Platinum is 1/8192 chance, which is pretty low. You’ve just been having bad luck.

Good luck on getting the shiny! :)

Hope this helps! :)