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How do you make a shiny pokemon in a pokemon game

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how did you get it?
You cant make it without hacks. You can only FIND one
No. Giratina isn't Shiny Locked, so you can find a Shiny, it is just rare.
I got Shiny Wingull
Traded it for my lvl. 100 Palkia (I still have a Palkia XD)
Caught a shiny oshawott that just evolve 2 times in to a Samurott lv 100

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Well, shiny pokemon can be made by breeding a pokemon with a pokemon from another country. Doing this increases your chances of having an egg with a shiny pokemon in it by 4x, to 1/2048.

The chances of finding a wild shiny are 1/8192.

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Anecdotes eh? Because those are always the most accurate source of statistical truth.
I agree with B3N, that is not how chances work. you are just extremely luck. It means everytime you do that there is a one in two thousand forty eight chance you will get a shiny, not that in every 2048 eggs there will be one shiny.
Yes you do sentret-furret
Why if you breed pokemon from 2 different countries, Does the shiny rate increase?
Finding a shiny pokemon from XY onward has a 1/4096 chance, I think. You also have several other methods of increasing the shiny chance.
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I know every method to catch a shiny pokemon so just read.
to catch a random shiny pokemon in the wild,first chose your shiny target then search for the best place top find it.
it could take ages the chance is 1/8192.
so you should turn the battle animations off and put the text speed fast.and if your pokemon has the ability illuminaten the chance of finding a shiny increases(I don't know how mutch).
to find a shiny by egg hatching you will have to hatch as many eggs as possible since you cant know if the pokemon is shiny until you hatch the egg, having a flame body or magma armor abiliti pokemon the egg hatches way faster.
and if you breed pokemon from diferent language games the chance of shinynes is 1/2048 instead of 1/8192.
and if you are looking for a shiny legendary,starter or gift pokemon. you will need to soft reset untill you find it(you will probably have to do it like 3000 to 8000 times)for the ds it is L+R+start+select in the ds games,and A+B+select+start(causes no harm)but be aware like shiny legendary wont look shiny and they may be you will only be able to know it when you battle them(save as close as possible).
and the other way is to catch them by the pokeradar witch you must chain pokemons every time the chain increases,the encounter rate of a shiny increases but when the chain hits 40 it wont increase anymore but it will be like 1/200.I don't have much more information about the pokeradar(sorry)
And this could come in handy if you give an ever stone to a female pokemon or ditto the chance of the baby pokemon having the everstone holder's nature increases by 50%
hope I explained well.

What about chain fishing lmao
Notice the date that this was posted. It was posted before X and Y came out, when chain fishing didn't exist.
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First there is chaining (search on youtube im sure you'll find some decent tutorials) and if you manage to get your chain to 20+ the chances of a shiny patch appearing is 1/704 of finding a shiny patch where a shiny pokemon is, if your chain is 40+ the chances are 1/204. (at a chain of 40+ just keep reseting the radar untill you see a shiny patch, bring lots of max repels!

Soft reseting: save in front of a pokemon that "attacks when interacted with" and catch it if it's shiny (VERY VERY unlikely) if not (VERY VERY likely) soft reset, press L, R, Select and Start at the same time, encounter the pokemon again to see if it's shiny, do this until it's shiny. this applies mostly to legendaries (Giratina, Rayquaza etc.) but there are also non legendaries like rotom and spiritomb. if the pokemon you're SRing (soft reseting) has 3 catch rate, bring a master ball just in case! the chances that a interactive pokemon is is 1/8192.

Masuda method: get a foreign pokemon from another game cart than yours, like if you have a american game, get a japanse ditto, take the pokemon you want shiny and your foreign pokemon (doesn't necceserly have to be a ditto, but a pokemon you can breed with the pokemon you want shiny) take them to the day-care and let them do "you know what" so you get and egg, and hatch eggs untill you get a shiny (the chances of a masuda mehod shiny appearing is 1/2048 in Gen 4 (D/P/P) and in Gen 5 (B/W) the chance of getting a shiny Pokemon by MM (Masuda Method) was increased even further to 1/1365.3 so that's cool.

Random shiny: just encounter to pokemon you want untill it's shiny then catch it, a random shiny can also be that you're not even looking for a shiny a randomly encounter a shiny pokemon. (also applies to legendaries). the chances of a random shiny appearing is 1/8192.

And remeber to ALWAYS save after catching a shiny pokemon, i lost a random shiny abra by not saving :( luckely you can chain abra tough :)
good luck with your shinyhunting!

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what if you SR something like an egg hatch? you wait until it almost hatches, do it, and then SR if its not shiny? with 5 eggs on your team all about to hatch you could speed up breeding them a bit. any info anyone has please comment below.
that doesnt work. Eggs are already pre-determine to what ability,nature,IVs,and shininess stuff like that when you get the egg from the daycare.
In B&W2, there's an item called the Shining Charm that allows higher Shiny chance. The chance of WIld Pokemon that are Shiny goes up 300%. It works with Masuda Method as well. That 1/8192 chance is no more! :D

    This Key Item increases the likelihood that you will encounter Shiny Pokémon. When you have the item in your bag, then the chances of encountering Shiny Pokémon in the wild is increased to 300% of normal, making it a 1 in 2,370.6 chance. If, however, you're using the Masuda Method to breed, it reduces it from 1 in 1,365.3 down to 1 in 1024.

You get the item after catching all Pokemon in the National Dex. You receive it from Professor Juniper.
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You can't make shiny pokemon they are already shiny when you catch/hatch them.
If you want to catch one you have a 1 in 8,192 chance.

Good Luck! :)

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There is a way to make wild pokemon have a better chance of being shiny. You have to use your poke radar 40 times while killing the pokemon every time. If you want more information leave a comment.

What if you see a different Pokemon an Poke Radar?
Making them faint. they dont die
How do you get pokerader on other games than diemond pearl and platinum
you can try saving before you get the egg then soft reset after it hatched if its not shiny buy it would take a long time to do it that way. that is if you cant chain like in B/W.
that doesnt work. Eggs are already pre-determine to what ability,nature,IVs,and shininess stuff like that when you get the egg from the daycare. — commented Nov 21, 2011 by Unrecognizable

come on man look right about you
you have to get  the same pokemon 20 in a roll or hack,trade,cheat or event becuase i got a shiney celiby,arceus,giritina,cresilia,rayquanza oh and a mewtwo by cheat,trade and hack i got cresalia by 20 tmes in a row.
Best to mention that the chain cannot be broken.
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These are the easiest way to get shiny Pokemon:
Gold, Silver, HG & SS: Red Gyrados
Crystal: Odd Egg from daycare man
Diamond, Pearl, Platinum: Poke Radar
Black and White: Masuda Method
Black 2 and White 2: Shiny Haxorus in Nature Preserve which you can access when you see every Pokemon in Unova Pokedex, you can get Shiny Haxorus in both games, In Black 2 you can get a shiny Gible as a reward for defeating Banjirou, In White 2 you can get a shiny Dratini as a reward for defeating Banjirou too.
X&Y: Chain Fishing
OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire: Chain Fishing
Sun and Moon: SOS Battles
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Ultra Warp Ride
Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee: Catch Combo
Sword & Shield: Since the Event Shiny Magikarp is over, for now on the easist Shiny Pokemon in Sword & Shield is Masuda Method.

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In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon try Ultra Wormhole