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Base your answers on stats, dual or non-dual typing, moves able to be learned, and ability (no personnal opinion please.)

Please explain each of these with plenty of detail. Anybody who doesn't do one of these things, I ask all site members to vote them down. I will choose the Best Answer not on what I think is the best and someone agrees with me, but with if the answer is the most convincing.

For an example answer (not for Poison types, just for how I would want the answers, although you can add more detail or use a different layout if you want) go to: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/8764/pokemaster-can-i-ask-these-questions

Also, no legendaries please and also, please give a definite answer, no multiple Pokemon. Also, if you agree with the person but want to add more info, vote that person up and then comment on their answer with the added info. Don't have the same answer as another person. Also, if another memebr has all these Pokemon, then you can still choose a Pokemon that was listed but wasn't the final choice.

What do you think the best poison type is? In your opinion?
I like Roserade best. However, that can really be considered more of a Grass type. Gengar is also great, but I once again consider it more of a Ghost type than Poison type. Drapion is incredible, being the best Pokemon whose dominant type is Poison. Crobat is also great. I've also been known to use Vileplume, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, and Arbok a few times.
1. Nidoking.
2. Muk.
3. Gengar.
Other than arceus w/toxic plate, there are no poison legendaries

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Poisons A Graet Type, Though A Bit Underated. It Can Take Down Teams, Or Stall The Night Away. With The New Powerful Moves It Gained In Gen IV, Such As Gunk Shot, or Poison Jab, Poison Has Become One Of The Most useful Types. However, It Only Has Coverage to Grass, and Cant Hurt Multiple Types, and Pokemon At All. Anyway Heres Some Powerful Poison Pokemon, and Analysises for them(Im Only Going T List Pokemon Who Are At Lest 50% Poison and Powerful, so as I say Roserade is about 75% Grass, It Will Not Be Here:).

Gengar: You Knew He'd Be Here. Ghost, and Poison, Its STAB Sludge Bomb Will See To It The Grass Types Are Dead. Add In Its Ghost Type, For One POWERFUL Pokemon. However, If It Had High Attack, and Sp. Attack, It Would Be One Of The Best Pokemon Around.

Nidoking: I Thought Narwhals Would Mention Him............. Anyway, Nidoking Is My Personal Fav Poison Type, Being One Of The Pokemon I Used To Defeat The Elite 4 in My original Red:) AMAZING Movesets, Great Stats, Unexpected Moves(Outrage, Thunderpunch) with High Attack, and Decent Speed And Sp. Attack. Add In His Good Decent Defenses, and An Attack Nature, and EV Trained In Sped And Attack, and Ur Nidoking Can Destroy About Anything. Plus With Earthquake STAB, AND Poison Jab STAB, Plus More Good Moves, Few Pokemon Can Stop Him.

Venasaur: Also One Of The Best Poison Types, Though Its Low Attack and Speed Gives It HUGe Disadvantages, Plus Many Many Weaknesses, But They Are Covered With All His Resistances. Pretty Good Movesets, Whether Staller Or Sweeper, Not A Bad Pokemon at all.

Drapion: Powerful Pokemon. One Weakness. Great Movesets. Poisoning, Stalling, MURDERING, It Can Do Just About Anything.

Crobat: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What Was That Blur Flying?! It Has To Have Been Either Crobat, or Ninjask! IT BIT ME! Oh, Thats Crobat. Enjoy Your Last Moments Of Life. Amazing Movesets, Powerful Stats. Out Speeded By Few. Amazing. Just Amazing. With That Speed.........Now If We Could Add In Drapions AMAZING Attack Stat, Wed Have One Of The Most powerful Pokemon.

Wow. Poison Pokemon Sure Are Good. Im Going To Say That There Are Two Categories For Best Pokemon Here. For Best Movesets, Ive Got To Say Nidoking. For Best Stats, and Allr Around, Id Say Gengar, With Drapion and Crobat Tied At Second.
Knowing You Trachy, Id Think You Would Pick Nidoking, Loving Movesets Soo Much:)

P. S. School Started Today So Thats Why Im Answering So Late.

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I have school also, so I also am going on later.
Venausaur dose not have many many weakness it only has four which is not to much and it has some attack (82 points)and speed (80 points) so......
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Ah the underappreciated poison type. I can name off a few good ones. Here are I few I love to use:

Nidoking:This guy is a beast! he has a Huge movepool, and pretty good stats. His ability could be better though. He can hit hard with sweeping moves, but has just enough defense to take a few hits.

Gengar-He is poison type, there's a reason Gengar has been in OU for 4 generations. He defines glass cannon. He can destroy almost anything before it can land a hit on him, and whatever he can't destroy will go down from one of his tricky moves like destiny bond. (which works great as a last ditch thanks to his high speed) His ability also protects him from ground moves, one of his most common weakneses, helping him even more. He's got a good special movepool, and plenty of power to back it up. Frail defenses mean he won't last a hit though.

Weezing: Only one weakness thanks to his ability. He's got huge defense, and pretty good moves. his offensive stats can be boosted to pretty respectable levels with good EV training. His okay speed means he'll take a few hits. Plenty of moves with chance of poisoning to aid him in defeating the foe. Not the best, but still deserves mention.

Tentacruel-As annoyed as I am to see so many tentacool when surfing, this guy is a beast. His huge speed goes surprisingly well with his high special defense. The water typing gives him even more type coverage. With his high speed, he can land status on the foe before getting hit, and has the defenses to take a beating. And some can make him hit hard as a sweeper too. He's got okay defense though...

Crobat: Not much can be said that hasn't already been said. High speed, good attacks, good movepool. He's got the power to sweep, and plenty of support moves like confuse ray. His ability could be better though.

Roserade:This thing has good support moves, and it works well with just about any team! Huge special stats, but abysmal defense. It's got special sweeping power to spare.

Drapion: this guy has good physical power, and pretty good speed, as long as you don't waste special attacks on him. He even has toxic spikes, and can take a few hits to get it at full power. Not to mention only one weakness. And his sniper ability goes well if you use a move like Night slash (which also gets STAB) He could be better though type wise in terms of offensive, but the idea of one weakness far overpowers that.

This one took some thought, but my vote for best poison type goes to Gengar, with Nidoking and Crobat tied for 2nd place.

Always keep Repel just for Tentacool.
They're great for Ev training, I'll admit.
You said Roserade!!! Knuckle Bumb me bro \m/0_0\m/

I find Roserade so unloved, when it really has a lot going for it!
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Woo! starting this up again, I see! =D

Poison-types are hard to judge. They usually have a dual-type, but even then, they usually act more as their secondary typing, rather than an actual Poison-type. These poor souls just don't really know what they are yet.

Gen IV provided Toxic Spikes, Poison Jab, and Cross Poison, so these underrated Pokemon have a little more identity, but "little is an understatement.

Poison-types are the Physical-based counterpart to the Grass-type, having slightly weak moves, but having a variety of tactical and Status moves.

However, even though the rules say that dual-typing is allowed, I think that it's an exception for Poison-types, because of their lack of independence as a type. Therefore, I will only name the best mono-type (Not trying to start a revolution or anything. Just an honest, self-opinion xD).

I definitely pick Muk as my choice.

As disturbing as its name really is, I've got to give props for such perfectly distributed stats. It can wall, it can sweep, it can stall, and lots of other things. Think of it as a Claydol counterpart.

It's got an enormous movepool, being able to use Thunder AND Fire Blast, making it perfect for a Mixed Weather team.

With Explosion, it can also make a good Suicide Lead.

With its Stealth movepool, containing Mud-Slap, Minimize / Double Team, Toxic, and Focus Punch, it can sweep half a team with the right moves being made (Must I bring up Gen I's Minimize-ing Koga epidemic? :P)

It can utilize elemental punches and Shadow Sneak for a versatile killer set, it can Curse up and be a Physical Tank; I could go on forever. There's no end to what this beast can do, and definitely deserves the top prize. It may be a Poison-type, but it basically act as whatever type you need it to.

Now for some runner-ups!

Unlike Arbok, Weezing has the impressive stats to be strong without setup. However, also unlike Arbok, it lacks versatility, and needs specific movesets to be viable. Otherwise, it just gets eaten alive.

It usually works well as a Crippler / Physical Wall with Will-O-Wisp and Spite; works as a Suicide Lead with Explosion and an immunity to Spikes.

Always loved it, but it was too weak. Because of Gen IV though, it got a MASSIVE boost (As did all Poison-types!).

Not great stats, but it's movepool and abilities are perfect! Arbok is the only Pokemon I've used that benefits from BOTH of its abilities (I swear, I feel torn over deciding whether Intimidate or Shed Skin s better...). With Intimidate, Arbok makes a great Physical Tank, with an illusion of better Defense (About a Base 78 with technical multipliers, etc).

Also, with Shed Skin, it can tank with Rest, because of the 50% higher chance of waking up. With all luck accounted for, this makes the most efficient Reliable Recovery in Pokemon.

Pair that with Poison Fang for Bad poisoning or Gunk Shot / Poison Jab for raw power, Crunch and Ice Fang for coverage, and Screech to make for Phenomenal sweeping, and you've got a massively overlooked Sweeper.

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*Note: One more answer/comment by a different person and I will choose the Best Answer.
OH, sorry. I'm known to be absent-minded. Explosion is what I meant to write. :p
I aggre poison types are underestimated. They don't even have a legendary in that type (only type with no legendary excluding arceus). Some of my favourites ar poison (crobat & rosarade) + I used to like the snakes that where poison, but i dont like Serperior as much... Not to cool. The pokemon people could cut the poisons some slack. Along with dark, poison types are almost always used as bad guys - zubat, golbat, crobat, stunky skuntank, in animae- arbok, ekans(I love him - spelled backwards is snake) dustox, wheezing, kofing, muk, ect.
Love Weezing. :) One of my original pokes. Have special value to me. Not only that, but I have asthma, so I relate to it.