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Base your answers on stats, dual or non-dual typing, moves able to be learned, and ability (no personnal opinion please.)

Please explain each of these with plenty of detail. Anybody who doesn't do one of these things, I ask all site members to vote them down. I will choose the Best Answer not on what I think is the best and someone agrees with me, but with if the answer is the most convincing.

For an example answer (not for Psychic types, just for how I would want the answers, although you can add more detail or use a different layout if you want) go to: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/8764/pokemaster-can-i-ask-these-questions

Also, no legendaries please and also, please give a definite answer, no multiple Pokemon. Also, if you agree with the person but want to add more info, vote that person up and then comment on their answer with the added info.

Here is an example comment for Swampert: "This is the perfect chance to give an example of the comments I want. Swampert might have low Speed, however, this allows it to have two powerful moves become a great advantage. Hammer Arms Speed lowering recoil won't be too bad with low Speed to begin with, it's not as if you're crippling a Sweeper. Avalanche is also great, especially with Hammer Arm, also defeating Grass types. So as can be seen, low Speed is actually beneficial to Swampert."

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Oooh, that's a tough one, there aren't really that many non-legendary Psychic pokemon worth using!
Metagross? The Uber Wobbuffet? I also think Exeggutor is good. Still, you are right, there aren't a whole ton of powerful Psychics, mostly due to STAB is Psychic, which only covers two types.
Question: Cresselia is a legendary, but is only in the BL tier. Does this mean that Cresselia is acceptable? If not, it's fine. I have two others in mind as well.
Eh, I'm going to say no to Cressalia.  Good point though, maybe I should rethink that. I'll have to think about it.
I'm going to get three answers for this question quickly this time. I choose Best Answer once I have three answers, although I would still change it if a better answer shows up later.
1st. Slowbro
2nd. Both Metagross are tied for answer.

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Hahaha, oh the Psychic-type. They used to be the dominating type, along with Ghost, in R/B/Y, and now they're pretty mediocre. The psychic-types, as I stated before, are the Special-based counterpart to the Ground-type, with the focus being to gain an advantage over your opponent, and to keep your power consistent.

Most psychic-types nowadays are either Ubers, or too frail to fight. However, the Psychic-types are famous for their Special Walls and Baton Passers. I'll list some that aren't mentioned here:

Xatu has a very useful typing: Psychic/Flying. The only downfall of this typing is the x4 damage it takes from a switching Pursuit. Other than that, though, it's a pretty beneficial typing! Xatu can utilize some powerful STAB attacks, like Psychic and Drill Peck. Throw in two other attacks for a pretty viable mixed sweeper.

It can also Baton Pass Calm Minds and Wish, which very few Pokémon can do. Finally, with U-Turn, dual screening, and STAB Psychic / Drill Peck, Xatu makes a near-perfect Defensive Scout!

Grumpig has pretty good Bulk, access to Dual Screening as well, a wide movepool, a very impressive Base 110 Special Defense, and a passable Base 80 Speed.

Grumpig makes a very good Stall, with Reflect for added Defense, Confuse Ray for confusion, Toxic for Poison, and STAB Psychic for ensuring you won't be locked by Taunt, will ensure a very easy kill, even against some worthy opponents.

Slowbro has the Special sweeping potential of a Psychic-type, the useful moves and typing of a Water-type, and the unexpected Defense comparable to a Rock or Steel-type. With Base 95 HP, 110 Defense, and 100 Special Attack, makes for an unexpected, and extremely effective Special Sweeper / Physical Wall.

This is a perfect combination because your opponent either won't hit you hard, or you won't hit IT hard, because the average Pokémon can't attack against and defend against, both sides of the spectrum at the same time. Calm Mind up for Special Attack boosting, and more Special Defense, then choose from Surf, Ice Beam, or Psychic for a deadly attack!

It's straightforward, but Slowking is more common, so this is a great trick in itself, and you opponent will never be prepared for Slowbro.

Psychic-types are harder to judge when you knock out the Ubers, but my personal choice is Slowbro, because of the mind game that your opponent will be put through by its confusing Stat Distribution, as well as the fact that you chose Slowbro, out of every Water Pokemon out there.

Starmie has better stats, but EVERYONE expects Starmie and its Thunder. NOBODY expects an opponent that has no definite counter, under neutral circumstances.

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Wonderful answer! How long did it take to type?
About 15 minutes, maybe? I think, haha.
I was wondering why there was no answer from you.
HAHAHAHA, sorry.
I just like to do my confirmations as I go, to make sure I'm right about what I'm talking about. :P
It's fine, I actually like reading all the information you put.
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Alright, I'd Just Like To Start Out Saying What Psychic Pokemon Are About. This Will Tell You Why I Chose What I Chose.
Psychic Pokemon Are All About Covering Their Weaknesses, And Sweeping With Good Speed and Power. Psychic Was The First Uber Type In Generation 1 and Has Come, Yet, A Long Way Since Then. With Moves Like The Powerful Psychic, And The Speed, Doubling Agility, Plus Shadow Ball, To Cover Themselves. For Defense, They Have The Often Used Light Screen and Reflect. They Have SOOOOOOOO Many Options, With Great Stats. So Here Are The Psychics That Have Made it, In My Mind, into the Top List, And Ill Narrow It Down From There:

Alakazam: He Had To Be On This List. The First Ever Powerful Psychic Type, Killing Poison, and Fighting Types with Psychic, Since Gen. 1. He Has The Special Attack of Latios, Combined With The Speed of Starmie, To Make The Perfect Sweeper. Plus The Best Psychic Movesets Around, and with a reflect, can destroy almost anything without getting destroyed by a nice physical move.

Espeon: In My Opinion, The Best Eeveelution, his special stats are close to Alakazams, and with access to many powerful special moves, just as Alakazam, with a reflect, its almost not possible to beat an espeon.

Exeggutor: Though, A Bit Different From most Psychic Pokemon, becasue of his many many weaknesses, and different stats. With Still Good Special Attack, and not bad attack, he can be a tough opponet, and one of the main powerhouses on your team, too. With Grass, And Psychic moves, he can cover most types.

Metagross: Though Hes More Of A Steel Type Than Psychic, He Is Still A Great Pokemon In Both Types. With The Powerful Psychic Attack, And Zen Headbutt, plus few weaknesses, and a great ability that stops his Stats being lowered, he is a great uber.

Starmie: Speed, Power, Defense. Starmies got all of its stats average, with good moves, and a great psychic type plus water and access to thunder.

Brongzong: Great Defenses, and not to bad attack stats, plus access to incredibly powrful moves. Elite 4 Lucian's Brongzong knocked out alot of my team(Just Today, In Platinum, I Faced The Elite 4 today for the first time, And WON!:).

Slowbro: Defense and Special Attack, Not Much More You Could Need on a Psychic Type(Except speed), and with access to surf, and psychic, he can be a powerful pokemon.

Gardevoir: High SP. Attack, and Special Defense, and decent speed, plus great moves, he can be hard to defeat.

Ok, Ive Narrowed it Down To:
Metagross(Highest Base Stat of non-legendary psychic types)
Alakazam(Hes What The Psychic Type is all about)
Gardevoir(Strong Sp. Attack, and Sp. Defense)
Brongzong(Covering its few weaknesses, with good defenses, he is what a psychic should be)

Ok, I Have Decided!:) The Winner Is....................................Metagross, For Its Attack, Defense, Typing, Ability, Movesets, and Special Attack. A Powerful Pokemon, And Loved By All.

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Metagross-A high powered pokemon, with only 2 weaknesses. While he's undeniably powerful, his moveset has become really predicatable, making for easy counters. If you mix it up every now and then, he's still the same fearsome pokemon.

Espeon-An eeveelution, high power, good speed, has psych up to copy your opponent's hard earned stat boosts. It even has baton pss access to pass on when you're done sweeping, so you can switch, but keep the boosts.

exeggutor-a High ultimate power sweeper. the only hinderance is his low speed. A sunny day or trick room can take care of that. He's got the moves to cover his weakness as well.

Starmie-A water/psychic type covers a TON of types, even ones that aren't weak to it. It's still the same powerful pokemon it was in generation 1. it even has rapid spin to get rid of those annoying entry hazards.

Mr. mime-The original baton passer, He can lead to trouble for your opponent, and with barrier, he can switch out pretty quickly, not giving the foe much time to stop him. But he's really predictable. Anyone knows that Mr. mime will probably try to pass stat boosts.

gardevoir-A special sweeper, she has good status moves as well. But can be shadowed by more powerful psychics

Gallade-a good physical fighter psychic type. powerful moves, then has special moves to lean on when the overused close combat loses its shine.

Bronzong-One of the best walls in the game. With levitate, only one weakness, and huge defenses,

Alakazam-The original sweeper. This guy is still as powerful as ever. The frail hitter still strikes fear in the hearts of many.

wobuffet-He's not as good now that the move type changes were made. Since moves are no longer physical or special based on type, it makes it far more difficult to predict using counter and mirror coat. But still a good pokemon nonetheless, especially with encore and destiny bond.

personally I think the best offensive psychic is Metagross, and the best for defense is bronzong. This obviously doesn't include legendaries.

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So Metagross or Bronzong as your main choice? How did you type this so fast and still have a good answer?
Also, did you mean to have a comma at the end of Bronzong's and you are going to finish it later or is that all?
Bronzong's is done. I saw your comment on the fire question that you were going to do fire, so I started working on it.
I'd say metagross as my main choice.
Okay, great thanks. I think Narwhals and Pokemaster are answering, so I'll choose the best answer soon.