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I was looking around on Showdown today, and there was an Uber game where a Mew continually used Double Team.

I asked if evasion moves were banned, and the reply came "not in Ubers". I thought the evasion clause applied in all tiers? Or is this just showdown?

I don't see why the evasion clause is suspended in Uber; it has the same effect that it would in any other tier, and I don't think that Uber uses definite accuracy moves like Feint Attack/ Aura Sphere any more than any other tier. All you need to do is substitute/ Double Team and you can troll the entire game, which is what the evasion clause wanted to prevent in the first place.

If evasion moves are allowed in Ubers, then Moody might as well be allowed...

Also, I assume this is a recent development; I've not played an Ubers game before where my opponent has used Double Team.

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Although it is not common as of yet, Smogon does not apply the Evasion Clause in Ubers. Is is a fairly recent change, and if you want to know why, go ask Smogon, we don't know and quite frankly don't need to.

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Do you know Smogon's reason behind this? And is it a recent change?
I think it is because the Pokemon in Uber are Godly. Putting restrictions on the Uber tier seems pointless if the pokemon there are the best-of-the-best. Well it does in my opinion.
Yes but the evasion clause was made for the same reason as moody was banned, and moody remains banned. Ubers still has restrictions (sleep clause etc.), so why is the evasion clause suspended and those not? If you suspend all the clauses in Ubers, it'd ruin the entire metagame.
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Lemme give the real reason, and how Smogon does their stuff. Ubers is a godly tier, and now they're testing EVERY SINGLE CLAUSE, one after the other. First, they start with a suspect ladder, unbanning the ''suspect'', which in this case is Evasion. They ladder on the suspect ladder for a month or so, before deciding to ban, or unban. Simple as that. In this case, Evasion was unbanned because it was so damn hard to pull off, and usually wasn't worth using. I don't recommend using it unless you're using a full Baton Pass team, because throwing on Double Team on any Pokemon is a waste of moveset, of time, and of setup. They also tested OHKO Clause, btw.

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