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Milotic or ferligatr as overall pokemon please no personal opinion judge by moveset's and stat's.

P.S. why does it say that milotic is beautiful to me it looks like some demented slug with a fan on it's tail.

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HUH,.. never thought of it that way.........kinda true

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All Right, Im Going To Right Off The Bat Say Milotics Better.
Feraligatr is Strong, But Not Fast Enough, While Milotic Has Speed, Sp. Attack, and Sp. Defense for a POWERFUL Special Sweeper. Milotic Can Be Anything, Moveset Wise, While The Gators Movepool is pretty Limited. Feraligatr best moves are Special. And Feraligatr has Terrible Sp. Attack. Therefore, Milotic Is Better, also having a higher base total stat than Feraligatr.

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