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devils number is 666, right ?

Giratina Altered Form
enter image description here

6 spikes on its wings.6 spikes on its neck.6 legs (666)

Giratina Origin Form
enter image description here

6 Wings.6 spikes on its neck.6 spikes as legs (666)

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LP your questions are so awesome. +1.
Maybe i think a lot.Thanks Flare :D
Sometimes I think you're overthinking it.
But with so many of the coincidences, I'm having second thoughts.

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Firstly, contrary to the popular belief, being the Devil's number is 666, is not true. The actual number is 616. But yes, there is a connection.

enter image description here+enter image description here= Devils.
Yes, there is a lost of connection overall. Even with 666 and 616. Six Wings, Six spikes, Six Stipes and Six Legs. Giratina has a lot of 6's. The Giratina Description also says "Renegade Pokemon." Meaning it is somewhat evil, and is made to be a kind of Dark Beast Shadow. The point of your question though is true. Pokemon and GAMEFREAK designed Giratina as a Devil, so your observations are correct.

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I though I was the only one to know that 616 was the Devil number. Giratina pokedex says it was banned for it's violence implying it was pretty dangerous.
not a demon, its a creature from a diffrent dimension
According to your answer, shelmet is the devil.
Giratina is supposed to be antimatter, playing in with the other two bad boys from this gen representing time and space.