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You know that music at the beginning of all the Pokemon movies? The music that always leads to the name of the movies? And it also leads to the beginning of some games, such as Pokemon Stadium for Nintendo 64 or Pokemon Black/White for Nintendo DS. Well do you know what it called, or if it even has an actual name? If you don't know what music I'm talking about then here's a link to it in Pokemon Kyrem VS the Sword of Justice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s0zu4ZNhYQ

Well I want to know what its called(it may not seem like such a big question but I have been curious about it for like two years now) so please, does ANYONE know what its called?

i love it
pokemon opening theme?
what the heck
Not the song for every movie, But the awesome music that plays and then a few seconds later, it shows the name of the movie.
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Here you can buy the soundtracks for all the Pokemon games and more! This isn't names, but it has it all.

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Thanks, I will see if I can find it.