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So having a few rated battles at Random Matchup I could not help but wonder: How is the Rankings determined? You never get the same amount for winning/losing, and I couldn't find any definite answer. Is it determined by some sort of formula, or is it just random? Also, is there a difference in points received/lost if you actually lose or forfeit? And does rage quitting also lower points?


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The Elo system uses a rating and a K-Value to score players. When two players finish a match, the winner gains more points (up to the K-Value) if his or her rating is lower than the loser's, and less points if it's higher, and the loser loses that many points. How many points? Here's the formula:

If the higher rated player loses: Points = K-Value (1 / (1+10Rating Difference / 400))
If the higher rated player wins: Points = K-Value - K-Value
(1 / (1+10Rating Difference / 400))
If both players have the same rating, the winner gains half the K-Value, and the loser loses the same amount.

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you have to have certain things you may be able to have a single battle I'm saying this from self experiences ...but my cousins did the same thing

I'm not asking how to battle, but how to calculate the points upon winning/losing.