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I have a vibrava that's going to evolve soon, but I also caught a druddigon on dream world thing. Which should I choose?


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Each Dragon Pokemon have their strenghts and weaknesses, both with their own niches that separate them enough to be uncomparable. Flygon is a Speedy Sweeper who's objective is to KO the foes Pokemon while taking the least amount of damage, while Druddigon's objective is to sponge as many hits as possible while retaliating with powerful attacks.

That being said, who is stronger?

Both are Physical Attackers, so let's compare the Base Attack of each Pokemon.

Flygon: Base 100 Attack

Druddigon:Base 120 Attack

Druddigon wins in the Attack catergory. However, Flygon's Base 100 Speed allows it to outspeed several Pokemon and fire off an Attack whereas Druddigon will typically attack last.

So, in my opinion, Flygon is the stronger choice as a Sweeper as it's decent Speed and usable Attack allows it to score KOes like Druddigon but while taking the least amount of damage as possible.

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I think Flygon is the safer option and that is what I would choose. It has more balanced stats and packs power in its special attacks too.. But if you want all out physical power go with Druddigon. Above that Flygon has the dual typing plus the levitate ability and can also learn fly. Also Flygon is much faster than Druddigon.