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How Can You Evolve Eevee to Leafeon/Glaceon If It Is Level 100?

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I have an Eevee and I want to evolve it into Leafeon. It is lvl 100 I battled like 13 times near the rock, but it's not evolving.

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I would reccomend a Jolteon as replacement and try to train up a new eevee and evolve it into Leafeon.

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You cant sorry, your only options now are to evolve it into Jolteon,Flareon, or Vaporeon seeing as those are the only one that dont need level up to evolve.

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You cannot. This is because it has to level up near the rock and cannot do so because it is level 100.

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you cant, as it is level 100
solution:get another eevee

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Well this answer is kinda ridiculous, but you could breed your eevee to get a level 1 eevee that you can evolve to a Leafeon.

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