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I'm planning to battle someone with Someone with Electric-type Pokemon and I wanted to know which Six Pokemon are the strongest in Black 2 and which Moves should they know when I go to battle? Is there even six ground type Pokemon In Black 2?

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There are 12 fully evolved Ground types available in BW2, so you can make 2 teams if you like:

Landorus- 600 Total Stats
Mamoswine- 530 Total Stats
Flygon- 520 Total Stats

Steelix- 510 Total Stats
Gliscor- 510 Total Stats
Krookodile- 509 Total Stats

Excadrill- 508 Total Stats
Claydol- 500 Total Stats
Seismitoad- 499 Total Stats

Golurk- 483 Total Stats
Camerupt- 460 Total Stats
Sandslash- 450 Total Stats

These are all rather powerful Pokemon, and even just 1 or 2 of them will give a Electric type trainer a mayor headache. I am not very skilled in Mono-type, and I will not try to make a team. But you should have no problem really. Use Earthquake and Earth Power and you should have no problem whatsoever.

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what about Donphan and Rhydon are they strong too?
Those are both very capable of dealing with Electric type Pokemom, but cannot be obtained in BW 2 in the wild.