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Some people tell me that my Pokemon EX will be worth more one day! (like mewtwo, entei, zekrom, and white/black kyurem) should I sell them now or wait longer to sell them?

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It depends on which card it is. The older or rarer a card, the more valuable it may be to collectors. but competitive players will pay more for an up-to-date, powerful card.
That's true @Poke/
all of the pokemon i listed are B/W

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I'm a TCG guy. No harm done here Jofly :D

So anyway you can actually sell a perfect condition card for about 15$/£20. Depends on currency here. If it's something desired by player's decks such as Reshiram/Ho-oh EX you can sell it for way more than what Jofly said. Go on Amazon and search a card. Look at the prices. That's the range :3 I've sold a Ho-oh EX to a sucker for £34 once :P

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lol hold onto it for fifty years and it'll be worth even more. The current pokemon gens will be so outdated any pokemon from them is going to be worth a lot :P

Gonna make us all feel old.
I'll. Be 62 in 50 years :P
You think I'll still have my cards with me?
Lol probably not, although if you do you'll make a lot of money :D
Flare i searched on Ebay :P
I have a box that i keap all the stuff i want to keap for long peroids of time. so i will stick my EX cards in there!
@Jofly: lolol and you found the cheaper rates for it :P
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I think people will pay more for it when it's old, but it has to be very old. If you sell it now you will get like 10$ for it. I saw some old Ex cards that people sold for 10$. You could sell them now if you have a great collection. If you collect all card in a whole expansion you Mightsell it for much money.

Source(s) Experience and Ebay .3.

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So could I sell my Dragon Frontiers "EX Delta Species Latias" for more than $10 now? And of course it is in perfect condition.
Yeah, you could sell it to me for $10.01
Sell it for 20$ if you want :3
but my entie EX i saw was worth 60$ new. so i would guess i could sell it for 50-40$
Yeah that can work