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Well, yes. Not presently in an epsode. But there was one where a Nintails waited years for his master who never returned. It is presumed that the master died. And that's in Johto, in Kanto a girl died waiting for her husband to return. I can't remember the titles of the episodes but ya. And in Houenn a girl waited for her husband, who died. It's basically the same in each region...

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upvoted.but are there any others?
Not that I can think of, I've seen all episodes. I can't remember any others though, I think there is more...
I REMEMBER! In the first movie Ash died, he's died about three times. Come back to life lol
Mew helped the first time (Ash was turned to stone by Mewtwo)
Gary's Raticate...
"Maiden of the Peak" is the episode referring to the girl who turned to stone while waiting for her lover. It is implied that he dies in battle as the scene shows his helmet wash up on the cliff.
There were also those two lovers at the end of XYZ.
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In the victini and reshiram/victini and zekrom movies, victini's master, the king of Unova, dies before he can release him from his magic bonds, trapping victini for centuries until ash and company eventually free him.

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you know dr. fuji? the mad scientist? he worked on the mewtwo project?(NOT the kind old man that lives at lavender town)
his daughter, amber died, so he tried to clone her and he made ambertwo and also mewtwo on giovannis orders, but mewtwos sheer force and will kept him alive, but ambertwo died.
so thats 2 deaths right there

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Whoa. Where did you get this information?
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Pokemon hunter j crashed into the whirlpool. It was in Diamond and Pearl. I dont remember the title of this episode but in the episode Team Galactic also tried to catch Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf the Lake guardians. After that episode I never saw Pokemon hunter j anymore.
Sry about my bad english(?) but hope you guys got my point.

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  1. in the first movie Ash turns to stone and dies.
  2. in Pokemon 2000 Ash drowns and is given cpr
  3. in Pokemon 3 Entei dies
  4. In Pokemon 4 ever Celibi died
  5. Pokmeon Heroes Latias died
  6. Lucario and the mystey of mew Sir Arron dies
latios not latias
Dude, he wanted to know about people, not Pokemon.
ash didn't die....... he is a zombie!
(I wish ash died though.....)
I saw all of the movies that you have listed, and here are some minor corrections:

First of all, it was Latios that went and not Latias, and even then Latios didn't die, he was just turned into the souldew.

In the first movie it is unclear whether Ash dies or not when he is turned to stone.

And third, Sir Erin(spelling correction) did not die, he was in a suspended state inside a crystal.