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I recently had two of my Pokemon from my Platinum game go missing?
One was a Typhlosion that I had traded from Soul Silver, the other being a Sceptile that I had migrated from Emerald.
I'm curious more to what actually happened, then how to get them back. They're not in any of my other games/the boxes/the daycare, however they are still in my pokedex. There isn't really anyone who could have released them or traded them over, so I'm a bit confused.
I really hope the older DS Pokemon games aren't going to have any corrupted data problems similar to the internal battery problems in the older games.
Has anyone else had Pokemon go missing by any chance?

Well, I couldn't find my Pikachu in Black 2, but then it was in the Dream World. lol no Dream World in Platinum!
Do you hack your game?
I'm crying. Typhlosion is Beast. I feel sad...
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These are the only ways your dilema could have happened:

  • You hacked your game, causing this.
  • There was a glitch and this was the consequence.
  • You forgot to save after migration and trade.
  • You thought you had them, but actually didn't.

Seriously, the last one happened to me. I thought I had a Feraligatr in Heart Gold, but it turned out (after months of searching) that I didn't actually have one and that it was in my Black version, not my Heart Gold.

Glad to know I'm not the only that option 4 happened to :P
lolololol. It happens to so many without them noticing :3
lol I thought I had Arceus.
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Yeah, it is. Turns out my brother had it.
Yeha that's a bit much :3
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You really need to stop posting useless comments like that, Pika
commented 2 days ago by Flare!

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