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Chikorita's PokeDex page says it has an hidden ability. Do I get it in the Dream World or do I have to breed or can I even get it at all?

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Chikorita can't be caught in dreamworld. It's DW ability isn't even released yet. They haven't made an event about Chikorita, or its evolution's yet, and Chikorita or its evolutions are not available in the Dreamworld. So we will just have to wait until it gets released. If you ever happen to get a chikorita with its dreamworld ability in a trade before it has been released, then you know for sure that it has been hacked, thus making it incompatible in wifi-battles that don't happen in the wifi-room.

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But if it's Dream World Ability hasn't been released yet why does it say that it can have Leaf Guard?
Being released means released for usage. We know the DW ability we just don't have any way of using it unless someone hacks.
A lot of pokemon have their DW ability confirmed but not active. This is to indicate that when the DW ability is released, that it would be able to have that extra ability. But for now, chikorita's ability is not active.
Thanks Mr.K, I needed that "Helping Hand“ XP
What about breeding?
You can't get it any way whatsoever without hacking your game.
Are you sure? What if I gave my female Chikorita an Everstone and bred it with a male Jumpluff?
I don't know anything about breeding, but I don't think that breeding passes down abilities that way. You would get a Chikorita with Overgrow.
I have a female Meganium with Overgrow.
I bred an Overgrow Meganium that was holding an everstone with a Tyranitar and got a Leaf Guard Chikorita. Apparently the chances are very slim, but most are coming out with that ability. I even got a shiny one through the Musada Method
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