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My s=Sister and I am getting a 3 DS in July And so My Sister I will be able to trade Pokemon through 2 games. But I want to know if I can find an Electirizer in Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon Black or Pokemon White. So can I? And if so where (Please be as specific as possible) So that I may Evolve My Electbuzz into a Electivire. Thanks to whoever answers! :D


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I got 4-5 of them from the Join Avenue.

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Which shop???
The one where you dig up fossils and stuff. I got sacred ash there once.
You mean the Antique Shop?
Yea. Just level it up to 6 and you're good.
If you want I can trade you a couple.
wait, why was this chosen? Given it was answered two days later and both me and TP gave more...
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Yes it is. there is a treasure hunter on Route 13 that has a chance of giving you the Electizer item among other items.

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Btw I found the link, here ya go.

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gimme a sec I'll get a source from bulb, but this is correct.
The one that gives you flutes?
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If you know the agent on route 13, then there will be an ace trainer taking his place in BW2. Like the agent guy, he will give you important items once a day. Of course that the item will be random, so either save before you talk to him and soft restart if you don't get your electirizer or just wait 'till tomorrow for a new item.

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Where was this "agent"?