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I had a hard time thinking if blaze or solar power was a better choice. If I were to choose a Charizard with the solar power ability, where can I find one?

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The question is asking for advantages/disadvantages. The description is asking where to get a Solar Power Charizard.

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You can't find any member of the Charmander evolution line with Solar Power (legitimately).

None of the evolutions appear in Dream World or in hidden grottos, nor have they been given out as mystery gifts (I can't find any record on Bulbapedia).

Short of hacking, you can't get a Solar Power Charizard.

If you use online battle simulators like Pokemon Showdown, though, Solar Power Charizard will be available as an option.

Well, you could get a legitimate Charizard with Solar Power by trading with someone in Japan. There was an event for DW Kanto Starters awhile ago.
Was it Charizard? I checked Charmander gifts and could only find Blaze ones; the Charizard gifts listed on Bulba don't go up to Gen V, so no Solar Power.