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My Pokemon are:
Hitmonlee lv34 ability limber attacks: focus blast/hi jump kick/jump kick/rock smash
Marshtomp lv33 ability torrent attacks:dig/dive/take down/water gun
Rampardos lv33 ability Mold breaker attacks: assurance/headbutt/take down/thunder
Staraptor lv34 ability intimidate attacks: aerial ace/defog/fly/close combat
Monferno lv34 ability blaze attacks: cut/focus blast/flame wheel/grass knot
Scizor lv33 ability swarm attacks: bullet punch/slash/steel wing/wing attack

I keep losing from crasher wake its platinum

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just grind, btw hitmontop needs new moves, you have no grass type, i'd replace hitmontop with roselia or seeing as your using a traded team something else, like treecko.

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I recommend using a Roselia / Roserade or a Luxray.

Roselia / Roserade is good coming off an at least 100 base special attack stat. It also learns Giga Drain pretty early leveling up and the healing from that move saves you lots of potions in-game.

Luxray is the one I like because it doesn't need any fancy evolving as it evolves at level 30. It has a massive base 120 attack stat and can do some heavy damage with the move spark. It also has decent speed allowing it to pull off destruction without getting hurt. Luxray is my recommended choice.

Hope I helped :)

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Ah, I remember battling Wake with my Luxray. It beat all of his pokemon, but I had to send out Torterra against his Quagsire...
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Rampardos has the move Thunder. Whenever it misses, of course, you're dead, but when it hits it does for some serious damage.

Try for some Grass-types though. They really help in this situation.
Shock Wave is available on Route 215, so you might wanna use that if Thunder really is getting up your nerves.

As for Quagsire... Grass-types are your best hope. They inflict FOUR TIMES THE FLIPPIN' DAMAGE. xD If you are willing to take the risk, use Grass Knot. However, prepare to be immobilized.

Good Luck. :)

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Using a grass type is good but if I remember correctly, Wake has a Gyarados. Now this thing is annoying. It's only real weakness is electric and if you plan on using something like Luxray or Magnezone you'll end up dead cuz they are not very fast (at least, not faster than Gyarados unless they are really high leveled) and Gyarados has earthquake. You do need a grass type for Quagsire because it is immune to electric. To kill Gyarados, you have two options. Either evolve that Eevee you can get in the city with the Ghost gym into a Jolteon with a Thunderstone from the Solaceon Ruins OR evolve your Monferno into an Infernape and teach it Thunderpunch (I'm not 100% sure if it's faster than Gyarados so that's a risk you have to take alone) by visiting the move tutor on the route south of the town with the Ghost gym. Either way, I think getting a Jolteon is the better choice cuz it's definitely faster and has great Sp. Atk and you can teach it shockwave which you should have gotten on your way here. To kill Quagsire, just use all your other team members and he should eventually go down. Or you could just get a grass type. The rest of his team should be relatively simple with an electric type. You could use Rampardos' thunder but it's highly unreliable and he doesn't get STAB for it either, plus he doesn't have the best Sp. Atk stat in the world either. Besides, in the longer run, having an electric type is better than relying on Rampardos' thunder. Furthermore, you don't even need a grass type. It has the highest number of weaknesses and everything it's good against is already covered; electric for water (if you take an electric type), water for ground and rock (Marshtomp) and that's it. But that's just my opinion.

PS: If you are going to get a electric and/or grass type, replace Hitmonlee since you already have a great fighting type who hasa better move pool and learns close combat sooner (Infernape).

Hope I helped.

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