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Basically I've got a lot of Pokemon I want to move tutor, so I'm wondering the best places where you can get each of 4 colour shards. By best places I mean fast and a lot of them if possible.

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The absolute fastest way is to do the "Find Shards!" Funfest mission.

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A quick way to do it is to lose at the PWT at certain rounds to get the shards you want. Also, you can encounter them throughout the course of the game quite frequently.

Also, see this question:

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The thing I do is I spray a repel put a powerful Pokemon in the front of my party then I run/cycle around in the cave near PWT, in the swirling dust spots you will be able to get all four different shards. You may find wild pokémon there too such as Drilbur and Onix.

even though this method is tiresome and boeing, its the best method I have come across.

Hope I helped :D

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