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Okay so I don't know if this is a question that can be answered now, but anyways:
Since Arceus has plates for all elements (15 in total), will there be a 16th plate for the Fairy-type?

It's 16 plates.
Now that Generation 6 has been released, I can confirm that they added a pixie plate that makes Arceus fairy type.

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This question is only to be answered correctly by Game Freak however it is most likely that a new plate will be introduced seeing that Game Freak keeps adding new features to X and Y
But we cannot conclude this however as they have not mentioned anything about it. Putting our hopes up for it is also not recommended as this generation seems to be following a new pattern for example the Mega Evolutions. Who would have thought that Eclair Mewtwo was actually Mewtwo's Mega Evolution? No one. Why is this, because everyone still had the pattern of legendaries gaining new forms in their heads but Game Freak thought otherwise and decided to do something new
Also to add, the Fairy Types seems to be a very special type and since many Pokemon that were formally normal types or neutral types have become fairy types, it is very possible that Arceus's changes type do (Note, this is just my thought, Don not take this into account)
So I recommend that we should stop trying to figure out Game Freak's infinite mind, and just wait and see what they have to offer us.
However, I do think that they would make a fairy plate for Arceus :)

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Thnx DB, I am really looking forward to X & Y. I am wondering how they would name the plate, if there is one. xD
you are welcome :)

Me too xD
they did its called the pixie plate