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I love this 3 Pokemons, always playing my team with it in the big battles. but are they uber? or do any one of you guys have any better idea for a dragon-based sweeper team? (preferably with a good balance of atk, spatk and speed and of course, type coverage)

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No, these Pokemon are OU, or Over Used (Not Charizard, he's NU or Never Used). The best Dragon Pokemon in my opinion would be Dragonite.

Here use these Pokemon to make a nice competitive team. We also have a place where you can learn how to play competitively.

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No, none of these Pokemon are Ubers, although Garchomp can still function great in Ubers due to it's Speed Stat. Haxorus and Garchomp are OU, and Charizard is NU.

There isn't really a best Dragon, but the one's that have always been my favorites are Salamence, who can pull off an amazing mixed set, and Latios, who has great Speed and Special Attack.

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Garchomp and Haxorus are OU.
Charizard is NU.

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