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I wanted a Machoke and a Gurdurr egg so I bred a female Machoke with a male Hitmontop and a female Conkeldurr with a male Mienshao but the egg I got was of Machop and Timburr.Then how can I get Machoke and Gurdurr egg?
Please help!

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You can't. You can only get basiic stage Pokemon through breeding, regardless of the parents. You'll need to manually train up from the Machop/Timburr to get Machoke/Gurdurr

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There are some exceptions where the Pokemon is not holding an Incense it needs and you can get a Pokemon that is not in its basic stage.
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Machop and Timburr are the offsprings of Machoke and Conkeldurr not Machoke and Gurdurr all you need to do is evolve and you'll have what you wanted

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You cant. The thing is, the Pokemon in the egg will always be its first evolution except a few like these and the legendary which cant breed except manphy

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