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hello fellow meeplings! Im just wondering what are some good flying types I can get pretty early on. Maybe up to Mistraliton city? or a bit above.

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Pidove - Castelia City, Virbank Complex, Floccesy Ranch, Route 20
Zubat - Castelia Sewers
Mandibuzz - Found every Thursday in the Desert Resort (Black 2)
Woobat - Mistralton Cave, Wellspring Cave, Twist Mountain, Clay Tunnel, Reversal Mountain, Relic Passage, Seaside Cave, Underground Ruins
Sigilyph - Desert Resort
Ducklett - Driftveil Drawbridge

(I included only the ones that can learn 'Fly' because I thought that would be more handy than having to capture a separate Pokémon just to fly you around.)

Any of these are effective ingame so I will leave it down to you to decide which one would fit best in your current team.

Hope I helped :)

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The earliest flying Pokemon you can get in the game would be Pidove and Woobat.
Pidove is normal/flying while Woobat is psychic/flying.

The other flying types you can get later are:
Sigilyph - Psychic/Flying
Archen/Archeops - Rock/Flying
Ducklett/Swanna - Water/Flying
Emolga - Electric/Flying
Rufflet/Braviary - Normal/Flying
Vullaby/Mandibuzz - Dark/Flying

If you want to use one that you get early I recommend Unfezant but if you're willing to wait a bit I would go for Braviary since it packs a powerful punch.

Hope I helped!

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