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What's The Slowest Pokemon In Each Region?

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Kalos(If You Think You Can Go Ahead)

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Sinnoh: Munclax (base 5 Speed)
Johto : Shuckle (base 5 Speed)
Kanto: Slowpoke (base 15 Speed)
Unova:Ferroseed (Base 10 Speed)
Hoenn: Trapinch (base 10 Speed)

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I put my 100th upvote on you. :) Nice job answering.
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Kanto: Snorlax, Slowbro
Johto: Shuckle
Hoenn: Torkoal
Sinnoh: Bastiodon
Unova: Escavalier, Ferrothorn
And Kalos is impossible to answer since only a few Pokes of that region are revealed.

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Whsy about munchlax and Trapinch and Ferroseed? or are you just listing fully evolved?
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In kanto Jigglypuff and geodude with 20 base stats

Johto shuckle 5

hoenn trapinch 10

sinnoh munchlax 5

Unova ferroseed 10

Source Skill and searching

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