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Electrify turns the target's move into an Electric type, and Forest Curse turns the target into a Grass type. They are both new X and Y moves. Soak turns the target into a Water type. Can any pokémon learn at least two, or all of them?

What is the purpose of having all three on one pokemon? There are many better moves than these three to put on one pokemon.
I should think that Smeargle and possibly Mew can learn all three. But I don't actually know.
The benefit would be excellent for double, triple, or rotation battles.
Yeah, you could make their pokemon and moves whatever type you have super effective moves against, and you could have volt absorb or something to make their moves useless
Don't forget about Trick-Or-Treat! It adds Ghost type to the target.
Haha. :)
You'd be better served with type coverage.

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There is no Pokemon, bar Smeargle, that currently learns a combination of all three of these moves.

Well Forest Curse is a signature move and the only thing that could come close to actually "having all three moves" is Smeargle (which learns everything.)
minus chatter. :3