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Our tradition of providing a wide variety of Pokemon movesets continues with Pokemon X & Y. If you have a good moveset for Chesnaught, post an answer below.

Remember, this is for competitive movesets, not in-game. Ability, EVs etc should be included. More guidelines here.

Chesnaught Pokedex & learnset

Chesnaught sprite

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Likely Tier: RU.
It's an interesting Pokemon. It has a lot of great resists, but in exchange it has a lot of horrible weaknesses. It's possible that those resists will make it see play in RU, but in terms of a Fighting type Pokemon, you have things like Gallade which are a much better choice. I'd say NU.
Avoid the All Caps, geodududue.
It's a powerhouse and spiky shield proves very useful.
Item: Miracle Seed
Moveset: Leach Seed, Bulk Up, Solar Beam, Grass Pledge/Wood Hammer/hammer Arm(for physical dependency)

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There is a problem with most of these Chesnaught's; they won't survive a hit from something like a Mega Gengar, which is why I use this:

Chesnaught @Black Glasses
Ability: Bulletproof
Nature: Adamant
EVs: HP 4, Atk 252, SpDef 252

Spikey Shield,
Seed Bomb,
Hammer Arm,

The terms behind the use of Payback are amazing, hence why adding it onto something that can survive a hit from a Mega Gengar is great, especially when you actually use Payback, it becomes a OHKO! Also, the reason you EV train him in SpDef is because his Def is high enough already, this just makes him bulkier and more deadly.

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Incorrect, he can in fact survive a mega gengar hit. Because of bulletproof it is immune to sludge bomb, focus blast and shadow ball commonly used on a sweeping gengar. If you want to counter mega gengar use earthquake. It sees more non recoil coverage
True, but quite a lot of sweeping Mega Gengar's use Dazeling Gleem, hence why I use Payback. And Hammer Arm decreases its speep, which increases the use of Payback.
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Good strategies...

Chesnaught @ Life Orb/Stone Plate
Ability: Overgrow or Bulletproof
Nature: Brave

-Rollout: It may not look strong, BUT it gets a boost from the Stone Plate/Life Orb and increases in power every turn until it misses. Amazing and unique Rock-type move.
-Wood Hammer: Amazing Grass-type move, but it chips away some of your HP. Talk about overpower!
-Drain Punch: Heals up damage from Wood Hammer and Life Orb.
Spiky Shield: Makes this Pokémon have a Direct Counter and protects itself in the process. Those spikes will really hurt a Machamp's fists.

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Chesnaught @ choice scarf
Ability: any
Evs: 252 Atk; 252 Speed; 4 Hp
Nature: Atk +, Satk -/ Speed +, Satk -
-Hammer arm/ superpower
-Wood hammer
-Poison jab/ shadow claw/ stone edge
Even though his fighting stabs lower his stats, he can just switch out, which also unlocks his moves, which his stabs will probably kill the opponent, and you might need to switch anyways because they might send in a ghost.

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Alright, the first time I played X, l chose Chespin. This is my XY moveset, now for ORAS!
Chesnaught @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Bulletproof
Nature: Adamant
Role: Staller
Spiky Shield
Seed Bomb
Swords Dance

So, it's pretty basic. You use Toxic to force the glass cannon-like sweepers out, then, if some tanks come in, you just use Swords Dance, then proceed to Seed Bomb. If a Physical Attacker/Sweeper comes in, just Spiky Shield to switch them out. This is not a lead!!!
Chesnaught @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Bulletproof
Nature: Adamant
Role: Physical Attacker
Seed Bomb
Spiky Shield
Swords Dance

So, here you want to S-Dance as soon as you can, to set up Seed Bomb. To protect yourself, use Spiky Shield. PuP is for more STAB and to take lots of types down. Seed Bomb, if quick enough, might be able to damage Suicune before Ice Beaming you out. You can get checked by Lando-T
and even an EdgeQuake Gigalith could do enough damage, if lucky, to force you out. Gale Wings Talonflame could easily 2HKO, if not OHKO you. Togekiss and stalling Chesnaughts could force this out, but this could take Greninja and Swampert down.

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Belly Drum Sweeper

Chesnaught @ Shell Bell
Trait: Bulletproof
Nature: Impish (Def+,SpA-)
EVs: 252 Def, 252 Atk, 4 HP

Belly Drum
Drain Punch
Spiky Shield
Leech Seed OR Rock Slide

Belly Drum gives four Swords Dances instantly, but you need to heal after use. To take care of that, set up Leech Seed first. After the Belly Drum, either Drain Punch (if your opponent is slower than you) or Spike Shield yourself. ( Scope out their move pool, if they're hitting physically, deal some damage. Very risky, but if you manage a OHKO, you're set. Sweep'em with Drain Punches, staying at high health. Alternatively, replace Leech Seed with Rock Slide for coverage against Flying, Fire, and Ice types, which can hurt Chesnaught. Please vote me up!

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Chesnaught @ Salac Berry
Ability: Bulletproof
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Substitute
- Belly Drum
- Wood Hammer
- Drain Punch

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Focus punch tank

Dave (Chesnaught) (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Overgrow
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Substitute
- Focus Punch
- Stone Edge
- Synthesis

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Chesnaught @ Normalium Z
Ability: Bulletproof
Careful Nature

  • Stone Edge
    Great coverage against its major weakness to Flying
  • Wood Hammer
    STAB and more reliable than Frenzy Plant
  • Spiky Shield
    A nice surprise for those physicals
  • Swords Dance
    For more Physical power and for Z-Move
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