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i like shiny Pokemon but ive only found one is there a way I can find them faster?


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Aaah... Shinies. The center of controversy in the games X and Y. Just a month after it's released, theories show that the shiny rate has been increased. And gosh, that would be great for Pokemon fans! xD

Well, you want some theories, imma give you some.

The first method is the one mentioned before, the Masuda Method. The Masuda Method is the same old breeding process, but both Pokemon have to be from different-language games. (E.g. Japanese Male Serperior and English Female Vulpix) The chances of getting a shiny increase. The chance of getting a shiny has been different through the generations, and so the proper fraction is unknown, but in Gen V, the most recent version, it was 6/8192, from 1/8192. It's still a lot, but hey - it's an increase! xD

Of course, all other breeding mechanics like egg moves and stuff can still take place as normal.

Q. I got Pokemon X and Y from my local game store. If I selected my Pokemon X as English and my Pokemon Y as German, and I traded over a Pokemon from my German Pokemon Y and breed them, will the Masuda Method take place?

This is unknown. No one knows this yet, however I made a thorough answer somewhere on the DB, which I will link to soon.

To read more about the Masuda Method, click here.

The next method is called Chaining. Now, there are two forms of chaining. One is with the Poke Radar, and with a Fishing Rod of any kind. Firstly, Consecutive Fishing.

Now, it's exactly what you think it is. You pull out your rod and fish continuously!
But seriously, all you have to is continuously throw out your fishing rod, and battle the Pokemon you find. Faint it, then throw out your fishing rod again, than battle... and that's it! If you continue doing this, the more times you throw out your fishing rod without breaking the chain, the more chance a shiny Pokemon will appear in the water!

Unfortunately, there are some things that can break this chain. As long as you don't:

  • Move from the tile your fishing in.
  • Pull in the rod too early, as to lose the Pokemon you got.
  • Pull in the rod too late, as to lose the Pokemon you got. (I assume, anyway. This isn't confirmed though, but just don't do it just in case. xD)

Then you'll be fine! However, the unpredictable possibility where the message 'Not even a nibble...' can appear. Unfortunately, that can break the chain. There is nothing we can do though - sometimes, Pokemon will just hate your fishing rod. xD
The best thing you can do is keep a Pokemon at the front of your party with the ability Suction Cups. Pokemon that can learn Suction Cups include Octillery, Lileep, Cradily, Inkay and Malamar.

Finally, the final method of finding shiny Pokemon is the Poke Radar Chaining.
I know nothing about this method, however, so you can research it in fine detail here.

In the end, catching shiny Pokemon is very hard, so remember to be patient. You may not get one as fast as you wish!

Hope I helped. :)
Sources: http://www.serebii.net/abilitydex/suctioncups.shtml, http://www.serebii.net/xy/fishchain.shtml, Above Links and Experience. :D

Why the Masuda Method is based on the country the cartridge came from, instead of the language selected. :)
Pulling in the rod to late does break the chain.
Okay, yay for me. xD
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There is really no easy way, but you can try using the Masuda Method.


The way the Masuda Method works is you breed two Pokemon from different countries. This results in an egg with a shiny chance of 1/1365 rather than finding a Pokemon that is shiny, which is a 1/8192 chance.

i will try