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I was thinking about Surskit one day then I thought about Surskit's type then I wondered "Would Misty love or be terrified of sirskit" because she loves water types but is absolutely scared of bug types. Can someone answer this question?

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Well there's really only theories about the answer but Serebii forums has discussed it.

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I would say "Love it"

My main point is that in Johto, Ash had a Heracross, and she was able to warm up to it, and Heracross is a bug/fighting type. She claimed it was "different", maybe referring to the fact that it's duel type.

Meaning, I'm almost positive she would love Surskit. And I'm also pretty sure (from memory, don't trust it too much) that she's alright with Masquerain.

After all, this is a judgement call. Make of it what you will. There is no official right answer without picking through lots of episodes.
(I may recall the appearance Surskit and Masquerain in the Destiny Deoxys movie)


Not to mention that the amount of plot inconsistencies in the Anime basically renders this question completely up to speculation. :P

Whoa, quite the makeover's been done here.