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Ok, so I asked this as a sort of extension of a question, and I got ridiculous answers.
So all I need is two more Pokémon for my team in Y. But if that was the question, answers would be rolling in like boulders of an unstable mountain. So there is a catch...

Pokémon suggested must be Majestic AND powerful.

This includes Pokémon like Serperior and Leafeon, or even Goodra.

So here is my currently planned Y team...

  • Greninja
  • Jolteon
  • Umbreon
  • Mega Charizard Y

Please help me to decide which Pokémon to use. I'm thinking about Goodra but I can't be sure..........

Quick note.............

Please have your say, even if there is already an answer, especially if you thinks its good. Please do add it!!!

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I await the answer...
Define your 'majestic'
I mean the actual meaning is >Having or showing lofty dignity or nobility; stately., but personal opinions of that vary. Like I don't see Leafeon as majestic at all. Nor Goodra really.
Milotic. :D
Muk and Garbodor
Yup, Gardevoir and Milotic are both mad Majestic and Royal!
Yeah, Goodra isn't actually majestic. My mistake, I meant Zygarde.

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Albeit there is no definite definition of majestic Pokemon, I have two that might suit you. Scizor and Nidoking. Scizor bringa some much beredd bullret and resistansens to the team, meaning you will have something to fall back on. Nidoking brings some raw physical power to the table, demolishing the Electric types that plagues your team. But I must emphasis that Excadrill and Trevenant would be much better, albeit not as "royal" as Scizor and Nidoking.

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Yup! Scizor works great for me! Though I may use Nidoqueen instead I'd Nidoking, this answer helped me a lot!
I had Trevenant and Excadrill recommended before actually. They are definitely too 'common' and uncool.
Uncool? Shame on you
Well, to me anyway. You can have your opinion too. :)