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Does super training effect your Pokemon stats on online battling?

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Yes it does. It's sort of like ev ( effort values) training except easier every single game you play with it it will gane a certain amount of evs in one or more stats. If you want an exclamation on ev training just comment and I will tell you.

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yeh cuz i super trained my starly but it stats hasn't changed
You may not notice a difference until it gaines a few levels
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Well I guess so... Super Training/ Pokemon Regimens or whatever they are can boost all Pokemon stats (Attack, Defense, Speed, Sp. Def and Sp. Ack), depending on what level they are on; 1, 2 or 3. Hidden Regimens offer the highest amout of stat increasment, due to they are only avalible when the green-ish bar on the Boxing SuperTraining is full. On the other hand, the Boxing Super Training, they only increase stats a little, still depending on what level they are, but in this case, letters they are. As soon as my shiny Shinx hatched, I went crazy in joy and filled its Super Training asap. It hatched with I think 21hp, I finished with 102hp (at a level 1 o-o) and alot of speed.

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Super training your Pokemon is a good way of getting them ev's in a very controlled way. In case you didn't know, effort values (ev's for short) are... let's say "points" that a Pokemon gets, and they raise the stat they get the ev's in. There is a limit on how many ev's a Pokemon gets for a single stat, as well as a limit on total ev's. You can tell if the total stat limit is reached by the bar on the right of the main super training screen (where you do punching bag training (which also gives ev's)) is filled up. If it is flled up, the Pokemon can't gain any more ev's (unless a reset bag is used on it). Ok, so, I saw your comment on another answer saying that your Pokemon's stats are not rising. This may be either because: 1. It's level is too low to display the difference (all credit to carebears123 on this) or 2. You haven't super trained enough. The more super training you do, the more ev's you get, and the higher the stat raises.
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