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If the baby can learn the TM, then yes. If it can't, the move won't be passed down. And of course, it must be the father who knows the TM for the move to be passed down.

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Why must it be the father?
...Because it's... the father... o.O
Why should you be complaining? Why can't we women show our true strength and move power! We are women, and we are STRONG! We have rights to pass down our amazing moves to the offspring! WHO'S WITH ME?

Probably the active 2% of the site/100% of the active females on this site will put their hand up. :3
It must be the father because only the father can pass down moves.
I believe that in X and Y it was changed so that the mother can pass down moves as well. Although this question didn't specify a gen.
Only with Ditto, though. I think. :3
No problem :)
In X and Y, both parents of all Pokemon can now pass on TM moves. Not just Ditto. This has been changed since generation 6.