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My rotom was behind a substitute but echoed voice damaged my rotom?!
How is this possible?

  1. Echoed voice hit me even though I had a substitute
  2. Echoed voice hit me even though I was a ghost type

What happened?

What Pokemon used Echoed Voice?

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This is why...

Aurorus' ability Refrigerate turns Normal moves like Echoed Voice into Ice type moves, which means Echoed Voice can damage Rotom. Since sound-based moves like Echoed Voice hit though Substitutes in Generation 6, Rotom was damaged by the move.

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So thats what happened
Yep. Game Freak strikes again with their strange sense of logic!
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Maybe the opposing Pokemon had Scrappy and it was a Sound-Based move that hit your Rotom. Sound-Based moves can hit behind Substitutes in Gen 6.

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Oh wait, you had an Aurorus. xD

It's ability, Refrigerate, turns all it's moves into Ice-types moves and increases it's power by 30%. So, that explains why it hit your Rotom, and all Sound-based moves can now hit a Substitute in Generation VI.

So yeah. xD

Hope I helped. :)
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It still does though. xD
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The Pokemon you were facing was an Aurorus with the ability Refrigerate. Refrigerate makes all normal moves become Ice which is why it hit through a Ghost and Substitute.

Source: My lyf experiences :l

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