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I got a Helioptile who is currently on level 34
I also got a sunstone, I gave it to him but he won't evolve into Heliolisk

Can somebody please tell me what the problem may be?
That would be great :)

P.S. I have the same problem with my Doublade which holds a dusk stone now

You are PokeStoning wrong lol

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You are doing it wrong. Your Pokemon will not evolve if you give the stone to them as their held item, even if you level them up. What you need to do is take back the stone, go to your bag and select the correct stone (which in Helioptile's case, is the Sun Stone). Select the "use" button and click Helioptile. Helioptile will begin to evolve into Heliolisk.

Do the same for your Doublade except with the Dusk Stone.