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Team Creation for Pokemon League Tour 2?

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I'm planning to do a second tour of the Elite Four and Champion to beat it one more time, before I begin my perilous journey to complete the Kalos Pokedex, to the WorlDex(All games). I need to burn my Second Champion Victory into the Hall of Fame before I begin this, which is why I need your help. Below is a list of Pokémon that I entered for you to select. This is Reccomendation, not opinion. You can also include a Moveset.


PD = Psycho Duo; Cannot be separated; all or nothing
B = Bestie(s); Cannot be separated; all or nothing
NAY = Not Available Yet; Have not transferred
Note: Any Pokémon not on my list, is not allowed

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1 Answer

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Might as well answer dis one
Anyway so obviously, on an ingame run you'd like to try use types that resist the main type of your opponent, or Pokemon which are able to hit the opponent super effectively.
So there's Steel, Fire, Dragon, Water and Diantha is just an annoying combination of various types :I

If you want to choose 6 Pokemon from the ones you gave us, off the top of my head based on their typing, I would go with Garchomp, Charizard, Chesnaught, Samurott, Abomasnow and Banette.
Or since Samurott is unavailable and if you're a little impatient I suppose you could switch out Samurott and Banette with your Gardevoir and Gallade.

I'm using very nubby logic here basically saying;
Garchomp + Charizard > Wikistrom
Garchomp + Samurott > Malva.
Garchomp + Abomasnow > Drasna
Chesnaught + Abomasnow > Siebold

Is it just me or is it just a Garchomp + Abomasnow carry. :I
Oh and Charizard/Garchomp > Hawlucha, Garchomp/Chesnaught > Tyrantum, Charizard/Chesnaught-kinda > Aurorus, Banette/Charizard > Gougeist, Abomasnow > Goodra, Banette > Gardevoir for Diantha. Yeaaah me and my nubby logic.

Some quick advice for movesets in that case, being a good idea to run the edgequake combo on Garchomp (Stone Edge + Earthquake) but otherwise just choose nice strong STAB moves. Maybe get mega garchomp/abomasnow could be an option to consider?

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