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The Castform must be one of the huge plots behind the team, though. I want it to be the best part!

You might wanna put this on RMT (Battle Subway)
No, it is fine here. RMT is for teams, not these kinds of questions.

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I like the idea. To put Castform in a competitive domain means that you are either a fan or a stupid person, because Castform is piss weak. However, in NU -its home, you can try to make it work. However, as Sempi stated, Castform, in three words: piece of nullity.


The best mates for Castform in NU with the Sun up are Volbeat, Liepard, Murkrow, Camerupt, Torkoal and Drifblim.

Volbeat sets the sun with Prankster, and its role is to make Castform strong by doing a Tail Glow then a Baton Pass to Castform, who will start spamming Weather Ball for some turns. You can also dispatch your foe with Thunder Wave, which is vital for Castform, for it is as slow as Samurott.
Liepard also works like Volbeat: Prankster Sunny Day, but Liepard has also the gimmick Assist if you are lucky. Liepard is frailer than Volbeat or Murkrow, but it has Encore and Taunt, two deadly moves in tandem.
Murkrow needs the Eviolite to work and is very similar to Liepard and Volbeat. However, it has got support moves that the others lack, like Roost, Tailwind or even FeatherDance.
Camerupt can be made defensive or offensive at will. It needs Sunny Day, then three moves of your choice. The list is appealing: Lava Plume, Yawn, Will-O-Wisp, Earth Power and Solid Rock has ability makes it a bit more resistant to Water than other Pokémon like it. Ah, and Camerupt, while being cute, can also use Stealth Rock, which will simply help Castform sweeping.
Torkoal can be an amazing supporter, but it destroys the momentum of a quick-based team. It can Rapid Spin, which is well coveted, and has access to boosted Lava Plume. I'd not chose it, but it is up to you.
Drifblim can set up Sunny Day like another Pokémon, but it has, like Castform, access to Weather Ball. It has got Will-O-Wisp and Acrobatics as well. If you chose the Fire Gem, Unburden activates. If not, then forget the speed in favor of a long Sunny Day when Heat Rock equipped.

You will need abusers then.

Sawsbuck is one of the most dangerous Pokémon to take out of a team once sun is up. It reaches 634 Speed with Chlorophyll and Jolly under the sun. Life Orb equipped, Swords Dance, +2 Double Edge will kill pretty much the whole tier. It has Horn Leech to restore Double Edge and Life Orb's unwanted recoil, and Nature Power bypasses Sucker Punch and acts like Earthquake. You want more ?

Exeggutor's Chlorophyll makes it sorta quick, and Harvest recycles its berries all the time. STAB SolarBeam is deadly from 125 Special Attack, and Psychic and Hidden Power Fire are good as well.

Victreebel is also a monster, due to Chlorophyll and Growth. With Growth under the Sun, Victreebel is unstoppable. It has access to Weather Ball, turning into a stronger Hidden Power Fire and SolarBeam and Sludge Bomb are deadly.

Cherrim boosts your team's special defense and attack by 50 % with Flower Gift, which is incredible. It can then Growth once, and spam Seed Bomb -its best STAB, Nature Power -dispatching Sucker Punch and turning into Earthquake, and Return to catastrophic holes in your foe's team.

You then need Fire-type.

Charizard with Solar Power in Sun is a powerhouse. I mean wut. Fire Blast, SolarBeam are its best asset. Choice Specs slapped, it 2HKOes the whole NU tier, but Flareon is troublesome; you will either need 2HKO with Air Slash or closer try with Hidden Power Rock or Return.

Rapidash with its blazing sweeping stats is appealing. It has Megahorn, Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Drill Run, Poison Jab, Low Kick as its physical asset, and SolarBeam can be used to beat Quagsire and Golem. Flash Fire makes it stronger against foe Fire-types and Drill Run dispatches them, while carrying Flash Fire Boost.

Combusken: Slap an Eviolite, Speed Boost, make it mixed, Swords Dance, Flare Blitz, Focus Blast and Protect and you have what resembles the Uber Blaziken, in weaker modo and NU. Mantine and Shelgon can't stall.

In short, Castform is hard to use. If your team is not successful, blame me not. Castform is too weak.

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I specialise NU. Ladder Peak 17.

Castform. sucks balls there.
Who did ask what would be good mates for it. Technically, he answered the question better than you.
Ik that it's a good answer, I just disagree with it. It's nigh impossible to make Castform work - it's stats are completely horrid.
I answered the first part of the question, and my answer nullified the second part. The first part 'How do you get Castform into a competitive team'. My answer. You don't.
That invalidates the next part :3
You could add another Baton Passer like Ninjask Protect Substitute Suny Day Baton pass
@ i suck qq: He asked what were good supporters. Castform works best in Sun NU. I also stated that if Castform can't work at all, then he must simply go past it and keep using the Sun team if he like it. Castform is null. It can't manage to work well.
In short, Castform is nigh impossible  to use. If the team is not successful, he can't blame me. Castform is too weak.
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Blitz gave a great answer. Give him the BA and everything if you absolutely want to use Castform howere here's my look on things

Let me put this blunt and simple, on how you put a Castform onto a competitive team

You don't.

Unfortunately, Castform is one of the worst competitive Pokemon to be using. Guess what. It's stats are slightly higher than Farfetch'd. Let me quote smogon;

>Let's face it, if you're using Castform at all, it's for the pure novelty value of Weather Ball. Having Castform on your team and not using Weather Ball is like visiting Paris without going to the Louvre, visiting New York without eating a hot dog, or visting Johannesburg without setting a car on fire. ... (other stuff here this is not part of the quote) but you'll be so busy clicking Weather Ball you won't even realize these additional moves are there and that Castform got KOed 3 turns ago.

As an experienced NU player myself, I can tell you right now that using Castform is suicide. Literally.
>However, in NU -its home, you can make it work.

A quote from Blitz. Unfortunately, I'd disagree. Lets take a look at Castform's stats;
Base 70 everything
This means Castform gets outspeed by half the tier, walled by half the tier, outpowered by half the tier and killed by the whole tier. Please the Pokemon you put in to 'support' Castform would probably be stronger than Castform anyway. If Castform was the 'main star' of a team, to be brutally honest, the rest of the team would be something along the lines of; Sunkern, Feebas, Kakuna, Magikarp and Metapod.

>If it's not hit super effectively, it counters Castform. If it's bulky enough, it counters Castform. If it has had a single song reach the Billboard Hot 100, it counters Castform. If it knows its 9 times tables, it counters Castform. It is said that Castform's molecules were found to be just like water, so presumably you could just stick it in a kettle and transform it into a nice cup of Earl Grey. Alternatively, mercilessly mock and taunt the trainer who sent out Castform and he'll soon forfeit out of sheer embarrassment.

TL:DR? Castform is weak as crap. No good NU player would ever even consider using it, and using it probably garuntees your opponent a free win. If you have to go through with this, use a baton pass chain of Ninjask with Speed Boost and Tail Glow Volbeat, but you're going to get wrecked by every single person who plays NU.

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I realize my answer is a bit late, but I find Castform to be a fun challenge and I wish to contribute for those who happen to stumble upon this Question.

Quick Note

This may seem counter intuitive, but Castform isnt well suited for setting up weather (or much else) and it works best on teams that specialize in ONE weather condition. Due to having poor base stats, it requires every turn it can get to attack. Having one or more teammates able to set up weather for Castform gives it the best chances for success.


As far as which weather is best for Castform, I find Rain is most accommodating. In addition to boosting Weather Ball, it allows Castform to make use of Hurricane and Thunder which, provide excellent coverage against Grass and Water types, as well as strong alternatives to Weather Ball should something swap in and resist it.

Possible Teammates

Raichu has a great support movepool and, with Lightning Rod, it helps shelter Castform and its team from incoming electric attacks. Nuzzle cripples faster Pokemon, and pairing Rain Dance with Thunder provides useful setup for your team as well as a powerful hit against anything that doesn't resist it.

Pelliper is a fantastic defensive Pokemon able to make use of the ability, Rain Dish. Using Scald, which not only is boosted under Rain, but has a chance to burn, only helps its ability to wall physical threats. Another option for it would be a Uturn/Tailwind set, which would pair nicely with a Volt Switch Raichu or Pachirisu.

Floatzel, Huntail and Basculin are great physical attackers. Floatzel has high speed and its ability Water Veil gaurds against burns. Huntail also makes use of Water Veil and access to Shell Smash makes it a very formidable Pokemon. Although Basculine does have a lot of power under Rain and with Adaptability, this immense power is limited to water type moves.

Whiscash has an outstanding Hp stat and can jump in on Electric attacks. Rain Dance and Rest gives it great recovery when paired with Hydration, and Scald fits well within this set. Having Toxic puts a timer on walls and using Earth Power rather than Scald provides a way to counter Steel types.

Ludicolo Makes great use out of its Grass/Water typing, which removes Water's weaknesses to both Electric and Grass. This Pokemon provides great support with Rain Dance and has strong special defensive capabilities. Access to Leech Seed and the ability Rain Dish allows it the option to use a damp rock rather than leftovers which helps keep rain up longer.

Kabutops or Poliwrath have great physical capabilities that pair nicely with Swift Swim. The deference between them being Poliwrath has better coverage, where as Kabutops has higher attack and access to Aqua Jet which is a strong, STAB priority attack under Rain.


The next best weather for Castform is Sun.
Though not as supporting as Rain, Sun is generally a more offensively empowering weather condition for your team. Castform becomes a fire type, and adding Solar beam to its moveset provides coverage to all its type weaknesses. Although there are not as many options for strong moves, Ice beam is a still good option as it helps take out threatening Dragon types that Weather Ball and Solar Beam will be useless against.

Possible Teammates

Tropius has nothing but useful abilities under the Sun and its immunity to ground makes it a great swap in for saving Castform.
With Chlorophyll activated, Swords Dance can be a great way help it pick off Pokemon that wall Castform's Special Attacks. Solar Power provides an Additional special attacker for your team. Harvest can contribute to Tropius as a Defensive or Special Defensive Pokemon. There are alot of options so I will leave this Pokemon's set details up to the Trainer's discretion.

Leafeon is another fantastic choice for a Sun team. High attack power and Chlorophyll makes it a lethal physical attacker. Leaf Blade benefits from STAB and comes with a high critical hit chance as an added perk. Knock off generally does well on any Pokemon and X Scissor takes out other Grass Types. Leafeon has a decent speed stat on its own, so having the ability Leaf Guard to defend against burns is another viable option.

Leavanny is great at setting up Sun and Sticky Web. If outsped, This Pokemon can set up Sun the first turn, survive with a Focus Sash, and guarantee the sticky web on turn 2 by outspeeding the threat with chlorophyll. Flail, X scissor, Reflect or Lightscreen could fill the remaining move slots for additional support options.

Magcargo is a nice option for Sun teams.
Its typing helps guard the grass types on the team from incoming Fire Attacks with a 4x resistance as well as tackling Flying type attacks. Shell Smash also enables it to shell out (pun totally intended) hard hits against a multitude of types with Earth Power, Ancient Power, and Lava Plume, which has a 30% burn chance.

Corsola can surprisingly fit on Sun teams as well. This Water/Rock type absorbs Fire, Rock, and Flying attacks with ease. It is capable of reliably setting up sun and recovering health with both Recover and its ability Regenerator. It also can set up Stealth Rock.
Another (gimmicky) option could be to exploit its ability Hustle, pairing it with Sucker Punch or even Explosion but be prepared to miss...

Flareon can pull off some amazing feats when given enough speed from a Flame Charge. Flare Blitz gets a boost from the Sun and from either of Flareons abilities. Flash Fire helps protect your Grass Types, but Guts provides better offensive power to moves such as Facade which helps out Castform take out special walls. Even some physically defensive Pokemon will have a hard time with Flareon's barrages. Just remember that a Guts Flareon is on a timer which drops Faster with repeated use of Flare Blitz.

Shiftry does great work in Sunlight, despite its dark tendencies. It has the option of being either physically or specially offensive with access to Swords Dance and Nasty Plot. Growth combines the best of both worlds, giving you a mixed sweeper. Knock off is great for obvious reasons, and access to Leaf Blade makes this a better version of Leafeon. Sucker punch, Tailwind, Dark Pulse, and Leafstorm are just some of the other great moves this Pokemon has tucked away.

Cradily loves sunlight. Synthesis restores its hp by 3/4 of its max with the sun up. Storm Drain keeps water attacks from dousing your Fire type Pokemon, Toxic and Stockpile help stall out walls and Giga Drain gives it an additional recovery move as well as a form of attack.


If you love Castform, then for the love of... Castform,
Do Not Use Hail
You will doom its performance as it hardly benefits from this weather. It eliminates the novelty of Weather Ball since Blizzard will have higher base power, perfect accuracy, and a 10% chance to freeze the opponent. You will also lose access to reliable, stronger coverage options, forcing you to use moves such as flamethrower and thunderbolt, which is a significant problem since Castform has less than decent special attack. Not to mention the amount of weaknesses that comes with your new typing severely cripples your chances of success.

Possible Teammates

If you are reading this and plan to create a hail team in spite of my warning, you probably do not need help creating a team... That or you have no sense. In any case, I will provide a few Pokemon worth consideration.

Avalugg will wall ALOT of physical hits.
Although it is best suited with Sturdy and Mirror Coat, Ice Body and Recover allow it to negate almost any physical attack. While you can tank some super effective attacks, do not carelessly throw Avalugg into super effective hits and keep an eye out for Toxic. Do not stay into ANY special attacks, not even resisted ones.

Regice picks up where Avalugg leaves off. Regice can take a beating from most special attacks and makes use of its hidden ability Ice body. Confuse Ray, Iron Head and Thunder Wave gives it that extremely annoying Parafusion combo. It also can make for a startling special attacker using Lock On with Zap Cannon and Blizzard when Hail is not up.

Walrein takes care of most special attacks it isn't weak to and finds use in all its abilities. Ice Body provides some recovery, Thick Fat boosts its resistances which helps it take on Fire types, and Oblivious prevents it from being Taunt bait. It can be a great Hail inducer, and puts a heavy dent into almost anything that isn't a Ghost type with Super Fang and Toxic (Dont forget hail damage). Stockpile boosts its ability to wall.

Abomasnow... Good for setting up hail with its ability Snow Warning...
Thats about it... Its weak to SEVEN of the Pokemon types... Safe to say most Pokemon have a coverage move that will destroy it.
It is much harder to use than Castform but instant Hail means you have a free turn to
use Blizzard or Wood Hammer. It is the only Pokemon of the four Ice types in NU worth noting...

Final Tips

Keep in mind Castform's stats are not too great so special defensive Pokemon, regardless of weaknesses, are going to do a fair job at walling it and any physical Pokemon with decent speed investment will overpower it. Also, be wary of set up Pokemon, who will score a few stat boosts if you are careless. Items that help Castform the most are; Choice Specs, Assault Vest, Choice Scarf, Life Orb.

Castform generally works best in teams closer to its tier, however it can succeed in higher tiers with the appropriate team. Castform is more successful when you use it earlier in the match. Using it late game could be fatal if you lose your weather inducers.

Hopefully this was useful to someone!

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This link should help you out a little.

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