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Other than Shedinja, whose HP is at 1, is it possible for any Pokemon's stat to be at 1 naturally? Like, a level 1 Pokemon with 0 IVs/hindering nature or something? If not, what's the lowest stat a Pokemon could ever get naturally?


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Nope. With the exception of Shedinja, the lowest possible stat is 4.

I did this on Marriland's Stat Calculator: I tested a Happiny Lv1, Bold (- Attack) nature and 0 IVs and EVs. The resulting Attack stat was 4.

Then I tested a Shuckle Lv1, Speed-hindering nature (can't remember what it was. :P) and 0 IVs and EVs. Again, it was the value 4.

So yeah, apart from Shedinja 4 is the lowest natural value a Pokemon can have. The Pokemon that can achieve this stat:

  • Happiny (Base Attack Stat and Base Defense Stat of 5)
  • Chansey (Base Attack Stat and Base Defense Stat of 5)
  • Munchlax (Base Speed Stat of 5)
  • Shuckle (Base Speed Stat of 5)

As you can tell, a Pokemon needs a base stat of 5 to achieve this. :3

Hope I helped. :)
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The lowest base stat apart from Shedinja's base HP of 1 is Base 5, which is on various Pokemon such as Shuckle's speed stat, Happiny's Atk/Def stat etc.
So that means at level 1, with 0 IVs, 0 EVs and a hindering nature, the stat is brought to a grand total of;