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I'm just wondering since thats the only pokemon he has all the time. ^^

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I want to know to.

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In the anime there are no "levels" for pokemon, they just improve as they fight more battles and get happier and stronger. If there pokemon in the anime did "level up" Ash's pikachu would certainly be level 100(+ if possible).

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Actually if it were possible it would be like lv 1000 if it was a cheat code
Riiight... l don't think Ash or anyone in the show would cheat...
Jessie, James, and meowth would
Hah lol
LOL! Funny, really! ^^
Like Evee96 said there aren't any levels for Pokemon in the anime, but if there were,though pikachu would be about lv. 100.
I'm going with evee96 on this one. However, in the pokemon game event, the Pikachu you get is level 50. then again, every event pokemon is level 50....still in the show(if they had levels) Ash's Pikachu would be the highest level possible.
there ARE levels in the anime it says so in an episode
Actually guys in episode #09 'The School of Hard Knocks" somewhere towards the start of the episode a young student from the trainer school is being 'tortured' by the older students as they ask a series of questions relating to Pokemon while the boy runs on a treadmill. The boy is asked about Pidgey's special attacks the boy replies "Pidgey's special attack is gust, at level 5 sand attack, at level 12" He is then quizzed on it's evolved state and at what level it evolves at. And then blah blah Ash comes along and saves the day.
So at the Pokemon Tech School they are taught about the Pokemon's levels, in fact the Anime does include Pokemon levelling, it's just not often used in dialogue.
Although I do agree speculation into Pikachu's actual level would leave it somewhere in the high 80's - early 90's.
In an episode Tricks of the Trade Team rocket was holding a scam so when trade they said When you trade will make your pokemon go up one level.                                                     

A level 100 pikachu lost to a level 14 panpour?
pikachu would not be level 100 because pikachu learned electro ball and he learns in at level 18 so hes probably level 26
maybe pikachu resets to level 5 like Ash resets to age 10.
In the episode Roll On Pokemon, Ash's pokedex states that you can tell what level Donphan is by how long it's tusks are. And in Fight Flyer with Fire, Brock said that Falkner had a type advantage and level advantage. Yet another note, in Mudkip Mission, Swampy mentions that all the starters are raised to the same level
But during Team Go-getters squirtle says I'm moving levels so fast !
pretty sure that the levels reset after every region so his pikachu goes back to lvl5 in unova for example, when zekrom made pikachus electricity stop working, which is why he lost to his new rival who started their journey. no source, its just my theory
Pretty sure it levelled up enough to learn Thunder before the Hoenn series
Something must happen to pikachu's level. It loses to a new snivy right after drawing with a latios.
Anime used plot convenience. It's super effective!