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My friend has an aegislash that knows NightDaze I see it's not an eggmove or does he learn it I'm really confused and 2nd question what is the best Pokemon to use against charizard x

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the aegislash is a zoroark hiding using its ability illusion

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1:Aegislash is probably Zoroark with its illusion ability active since only Zoroark can learn Night Daze and well Hacking is another way it could have got that.

2:Charizard X is countered by alot of faster dragons take Salamence for example
With a moveset like so

Salamence @ Yache Berry
Trait:Moxie / Intimidate
EVs 252 Atk / 252 SpE / 4 Sp.Atk
Jolly Nature
~Dragon Dance
~Outrage / Dragon Claw (Dragon Claw is preferred due to Fairies and being locked )
~Iron Tail / Fire Blast
~Draco Meteor / Earthquake

Mixed Salamence is preferred so Will-O-Wisp doesnt wall Salmence

Or Hell even Mega Aggron could take on Charizard X

Aggron @ Aggronite
Trait:Rock Head ----> Filter (Lowers Super Effective damage)
EVs 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Impish Nature (Allows it to tank physical hits)
~Rock Slide / Stone Edge
~Thunder Wave (To Slow Charizard X right down)
~Iron Head

I hope this helped
Regards Rummy :)

2:Charizard X is countered by alot of faster dragons take Salamence for example

Salamence is the same base speed at 100.
Trololol sempi XD
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Aegislash can't learn night daze, it's zoroarks signature move, so a zoroark is the aegislash technically, except your friend still has the aegislash, and mega gyarados is a good counter to mega char x. Hope I helped!
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Jekalen, you can also try anything that that is either faster than Char X or physically defensive, and knows the following moves:

1. Earthquake:
-Garchomp (not Mega)

2.Rock Slide/Stone Edge
-Garchomp (again)

3. Dragon
-Garchomp (yes, as long as you OHKO Char X, it probably won't Outrage you back)

In addition, paralysis makes it easier to manage, so you can consider something physically defensive that can apply Thunder Wave, or a Prankster like Sableye or Thundurus.
Charizard x runs brick break so gyarados is not the best
Nothing runs brick break :/
Plus Gyara can just not evolve if it does run brick break and kill it off instantly